WWDC 2022 – Apple virtual reality headset: towards formalization in early 2023

If you were excited to see the birth of Apple’s virtual reality headset at WWDC 2022, you will still have to be patient. The company’s gadget should arrive in the hands of the first customers within a year.

We will probably have to wait a little longer before discovering VR made in Apple. Just completed, the inaugural conference of the WWDC will ultimately not serve as a launch pad for the highly anticipated accessory from Apple. Despite a consistent array of clues, with in particular the filing of the RealityOS brand at the end of May 2022, Apple did not unveil its gadget to the general public in early June. It could also be that the formalization does not take place for many months.

According to the always very well informed analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the presentation of the helmet would be scheduled for January 2023. Pre-orders would be triggered during the second quarter of 2023 for concrete availability shortly before the next WWDC, that is to say say within a little less than a year. A more stretched timing than we thought until then, since it was rumored that the company had already presented the product to certain members of its board of directors, a sign of the progress of the project.

Apple headphones damaged by Covid

In an ideal world, the schedule could have been accelerated, but according to Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple’s virtual/augmented reality headset suffered the full brunt of delays caused by Covid. The city of Shanghai, where dozens of Apple contractors work, is just emerging from a strict two-month lockdown which has put the electronics sector under pressure and would therefore have prevented the development of “Apple Glasses”.

If this delay may disappoint virtual and augmented reality aficionados, no doubt Apple is not too bothered by this setback. The company has never been particularly at the forefront of trends, always preferring to take its time to deliver a product that corresponds exactly to its vision of an industry. The market for virtual or augmented reality headsets has made considerable progress in quality in recent years, notably under the impetus of the Oculus Quest 2and Apple therefore seems to want to take its time to offer a product that meets expectations.

Especially since, if the rumors are true, Apple’s future headphones could cost more than $2,000, a price very much higher than those currently practiced by the market. A salty addition, justified in part by the use of two OLED panels for the display, as well as the integration of a chip Apple Silicon M1 to animate the critter. At this price, Apple’s glasses might not play in the same league as other headsets on the market. No doubt why the company takes its time before launching.

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WWDC 2022 – Apple virtual reality headset: towards formalization in early 2023

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