Win your hyper virtual reality session with 4 friends at Vortex Experience

Our Win Tuesday of this week will allow you to live a pretty crazy experience with 4 of your friends. Indeed, we’re giving away your virtual hyper reality session at Vortex Experience at OL Valley. As a group, you will be able to knock out zombies in an overexcited, scary and ultra fun atmosphere.

You may have seen it on our Instagram stories, but we were able to test the experience a few days ago, and we really had fun. We really wanted to introduce you to this concept. Hyper virtual reality provides total immersion. You will be amazed!

But what is Vortex Experience and hyper virtual reality?

You are certainly familiar with virtual reality and you have probably already tried experiments with a helmet screwed on your head and in front of your eyes. Hyper virtual reality goes even further. If in classic VR, you don’t have to move too much, because your headset is connected to the computer via a cable above your head, it’s the opposite with virtual hyper reality. You must move to advance in the game and experience. Your helmet is connected to a jacket that you wear, so you are free to move. In addition, the jacket in question is sensory. That is to say, it sends vibrations to you when you come into contact with an object in the game (like a ball or a zombie jawbone).

So we went to test this new concept, at at the house of Vortex Experienceat OL Valleya few days ago and we tell you all about it.

We tested: kill hordes of zombies with your friends

When we arrive, we are greeted by the staff who introduce us to the place. We then discover the area where we play. It is a huge room which for the moment is totally empty, but which, thanks to the magic of virtual reality, will be transformed into a medieval village infested with zombies.

We then choose our team name and our avatars using a tablet. The adventure can now begin. We enter a first room where a countdown and visual effects propel us into the past.

We are then briefed by a general. Basically, the hour is serious and we are the only hope of humanity (hello pressure on the shoulders).

We then enter the equipment room. We first put on our sensory jacket, then we equip ourselves with a weapon and put on our helmets. We are ready !

Before going to face the hordes of zombies who wish our loss, we have the right to a small training session. Perfect for learning to handle weapons.

It’s time to fight. Here we are projected into the game and from the first seconds, we are caught up in the atmosphere. The decor is realistic and impressive. We meet a young boy who will guide us throughout the adventure. Quickly, the first monsters fall on us and we try to get rid of them with a lot of ammunition, shouts and giggles.

We won’t tell you the rest of the game so as not to spoil you anything, but be aware that the story will take you through different settings and the zombies will get tougher and tougher. The final boss is really infernal, we couldn’t kill him.

Throughout the game, the freedom of movement will make you feel like you’re moving from room to room and building to building as if you were in real life.

After 30 minutes of play, the game ends. We had a completely crazy experience. Some of us are even sweaty.

The CityCrunch team, happy after kicking zombies for 30 minutes.

We’re giving you 2×5 sessions so you can test Vortex Experience with a good bunch of friends (the more the merrier, as they say). To try your luck, simply complete the following sentence:

My friends and I deserve to win our session at Vortex Experience, because…

We will draw, within a few days, 2 comments.

Good luck to everyone !

Vortex Experience

🏠 2 Av. Simone Veil, 69150 Décines-Charpieu
🚇 Tram T7 – OL Valley stop
⏰ Open every day from 2 p.m. to 11 p.m.
👉 More info on their website

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Win your hyper virtual reality session with 4 friends at Vortex Experience

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