Why use the virtual tour in real estate

Virtual tours are transforming the real estate market.

They offer buyers and owners a completely new way to see what a property looks like without having to travel.

There is no doubt that this technology is improving the way people buy, rent and sell houses, apartments and other real estate.

The benefits of using a virtual tour for real estate

Virtual tours in real estate are being used more and more, and with good reason. They allow potential buyers to see the property from a distance, without having to travel or hire a real estate agent for a physical visit. Virtual tours offer not only real estate benefits, but also financial and practical ones.

First, the use of virtual reality technology like the Matterport camera allows people to navigate around the property via an interactive 3D view. This gives potential buyers a clearer idea of ​​the property they can get and makes their decision-making process easier because they can see what different spaces actually offer.

Second, homeowners can save a lot of money with this technology. Real estate agents don’t use their time as much to organize physical visits because it is simplified thanks to the virtual service offered by the Matterport camera or any other similar tool (interactive guided tours by drone, 360° hd videos).

The immersive technology provided by systems such as the Matterport camera allows potential buyers and local or international investors to easily consult a wide choice of real estate; which represents a significant gain in terms of time and money for all those involved!

For example, when real estate is sold between the United States and Europe. It will be much easier to make virtual visits than intercontinental trips in order to organize physical visits: major costs related to travel and accommodation on site will thus be avoided.

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The positive impact that a virtual tour has on the customer experience in real estate

Digital technologies have largely revolutionized the real estate sector and the general public is increasingly looking for virtual experiences that bring added value to their quest.

Virtual tours are considered a winning formula because they allow prospects and potential buyers to explore real estate without having to physically travel.

The use of Matterport cameras has enabled the development of this technology. These cameras can capture every detail inside homes, including walls, floors, ceilings, and intangible features such as the overall feel of the property.

Indeed, we note that users have the ability to quickly perform interactive virtual tours in 3D to explore a home wherever they are and at any time via a simple web browser or mobile application.

Real estate professionals can benefit immensely from the power of virtual tours to bring their clients to fully experience the property without the extra effort and significantly reduce uninhabited advertising costs in the process. Thus, they can put in place dynamic marketing strategies aimed at buyers in relation to the property in question in order to maximize the positive impact on this target clientele.

The virtual tour not only provides an easy pick-up but also gives users a full interactive experience that encompasses everything that is part of the property: professional photos coupled with the virtual ability to “walk” in and out with perspectives 360°.

This type of immersive interaction then allows potential customers to have the feeling of the true current state of the property before its final acquisition, which then greatly limits the risk associated with it thanks to a significant return obtained following the information received directly from the website (technical descriptions etc.).

New technologies allow real estate agents and their clients to search, select and visit properties online. The tools used to create a virtual tour can be varied, but the most common is Matterport 3D Camera technology.

This type of camera can capture all aspects of a real estate space with precision, allowing clients to view real estate as if they were physically there.

Furthermore, this platform is able to provide a perfect three-dimensional representation of the property so that buyers can get an exact picture of the dimensions and architectural features of the building they are considering buying.

The virtual tour can therefore offer owners and their clients a simple and efficient process to examine the real estate available before even visiting the site in person.

Indeed, thanks to this innovative technology, it becomes possible for real estate agents and their clients to easily search and compare different real estate lots without even having to leave their homes or worry about general time constraints such as when choosing your accommodation on site during the day on weekdays.

The possibility offered by this technology not only allows real estate agents to offer faster customer service but also much more adapted to find the right accommodation corresponding to each specific applicant.

Therefore, there is no doubt that the use of technologies such as the Matterport 3D camera is essential if this industry is to be brought into the modern digital age given its exceptional ability to instantly deliver a fully compliant deep immersive experience. to the original product.

All in all, it can be said without a doubt that virtual tours are a powerful tool for the real estate industry. They allow real estate agents to facilitate the search and management of real estate, while providing more flexibility to their customers. Virtual tours also offer a simple and interesting solution to achieve effective and modern digital sales that improve the overall customer experience.

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Why use the virtual tour in real estate

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