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After making a name for itself following its association with the musician Jean-Michel Jarre, the startup VRrOOm aims to revolutionize the performance and entertainment sector. Its objective: to create the new Youtube of the metaverse. Interview with Louis Cacciuttolo, its founder and CEO.

Can you explain the concept of VRrOOM to us?

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Louis Cacciuttolo, founder and CEO of VRrOOm

The concept of VRrOOM was born several years ago from the observation that artists and producers often had trouble finding their audience, at least for those who had limited means. On the other hand, some fans can’t always afford to attend events or concerts. The advent of virtual reality was a revelation for me. We finally had the ability to create events in 3D environments that allowed for interactions like in the real world. Having worked for a long time in the field of culture, profitability has always been an issue. When organizing an event you don’t earn money most of the time, you lose it… Virtual reality breaks down all the barriers of physical space and time. We are going to witness a real revolution.

What is the future of the cultural sector across the metaverse?

I think that the players in the sector will have no choice and will have to invest in these universes which are populated by a very young target (between 10 and 15 years old) but who represent the public of tomorrow. These new viewers have grown up with these universes and, like video games in the 80s, they will continue to use them. The industry will therefore continue to grow and, in my opinion, the metaverse will become a very important market. This public, which for the moment is still very young, will gradually become the majority. It is therefore essential that the world of entertainment understands how these universes work and are formed in order to be able to adapt.

Are virtual reality events destined to replace physical events?

Let it be clear, we do not wish to replace the physical spectacle. The idea is to offer a complementary experience, to be in the extension. We come to propose another version/dimension of the show. For example, Jean-Michel Jarre recently presented an immersive sound show live. During this same live, in parallel, the concert was played in a totally different and delirious environment in a big city of the metaverse. The objective is to propose a solution to ensure better profitability of the shows. We are going to create our own platform and no longer hack existing ones that do not meet the needs of the entertainment market. VRrOOm will develop a kind of Youtube of the metaverse where artists will be able to create environments in a few clicks. Ultimately, we want to become a major player in entertainment in the metaverse. The platform called “The metaverse of the show” will be launched in December 2022. It will be accessible via computer, smartphone, virtual reality headset or tablet.

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Why should entertainment players invest in the metaverse? – TOM.travel

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