Welcome to the hyper-growing world of Virteem

For its tenth anniversary, the VIP 360 Group changes its name and becomes Virteem.

“Vir for virtual and teem which, in English, means to abound, swarm, abound”, explains Kevin Soler, CEO and co-founder of the Sophia Antipolis specialist in virtual tours and reality. A name that wants to herald a new era, “that of hypergrowth” that the leader, a former top athlete [il a été à plusieurs reprises champion du monde de street workout, loisir mêlant gymnastique, musculation et parkour, ndlr]is in a hurry to take head on.

digital twin

According to him, the development of the company will go through the “metavers, these virtual worlds in which we can interact, he foresees. There is a real challenge here and we want to position ourselves as a key player” with a double objective: to be the best – competitive spirit when you hold us – and to show the French know-how in the matter.
The mission that Virteem has set itself is quite simple in appearance: it is to “bringing companies closer to their customers and collaborators by creating places in 3D or based on reality”. But it requires continued investment in R&D and the recruitment of talent. A dozen should also join the twenty employees of the Sophia Antipolis team – nearly 60, counting the seventeen agencies spread over France, DOM-TOM, Switzerland and Monaco – by the end of the year.

“Our backoffice solution in SaaS mode [hébergé dans le Cloud, ndlr] will allow our customers to take control of the content by developing their own immersive virtual tour.”
Virteem is aimed primarily at large groups such as Novartis, Crédit Agricole, GRDF… specializing in four verticals. The most important in terms of turnover concerns HR. “We create platforms for virtualized job dating, integration of newcomers, 360 job discovery”describes Kevin Soler.
The company also targets schools by creating virtual tours – “The Covid has helped us a lot to develop this pole” – as well as tourism. “Hotels, local and regional authorities, tourist offices… for whom we are developing sales routes.”

Last sector, industry: “We virtualize the production line, HR and training”lists the CEO who recently took on responsibilities within the Alliance des Techs et des Industries Côte d’Azur (ATICA).


If Kevin Soler is convinced that the future will go through the metaverse, he also knows that the market, in particular its immersive side in 3D, is not yet mature and the clientele is not there. “The main part of our work therefore consists in basing this digital twin on reality and virtualising places with interactions that make sense. We evangelize our clients on what tomorrow will be like.” And to insist. “At Virteem, we have a conviction. The more realistic the digital world we are developing, the more it makes it possible to remember the brand. And therefore to buy products or retain information. In the case of the integration of new employees, for example we filmed the head office of a company and added tools and information to it. We also dedicated a room to a virtual trombinoscope in the form of an art gallery with the paintings of each employee.”
With the metaverse, the Sophipolitaine who has just joined the Scale-Up Club, the brand new support of the French Tech Côte d’Azur [ouvert aux sociétés qui réalisent plus d’1M€ de chiffre d’affaires ou ont levé au moins 2M€, ndlr] has therefore engaged the supersonic speed and its 2021 turnover of 3.5M€ should jump to reach 10M€ in 2025.

It’s not an acceleration and a jump that will scare a parkour pro.

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Welcome to the hyper-growing world of Virteem

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