Vortex: was the France 2 series really shot in Brittany?

This Monday, January 2, viewers found Tomer Sisley in the Vortex series. Was this fiction really shot in Brittany? Answer.

This Monday, January 2, 2022, France 2 broadcast his new seriesbaptized Vortex. The opportunity to find Tomer Sisley. The actor embodies the main character, a judicial police officer from Brest. But was the series really shot in Brittany? Well yes ! It is the actor who entrusts it to our colleagues from France 3: “With the actors, magnificently well. But come on, we’re talking about Brittany because I spend my time talking about the chance I had to share the poster with all the other actors who take part in this project. What I rarely had the opportunity to say, it’s the happiness I had to shoot in this region of France that I didn’t know that well. I didn’t know your landscapes, I had heard a lot talk about your weather a little capricious but then the beauty of your landscapes, it’s sumptuous here!”, he hastened to confide.

Tomer Sisley then investigates a rather surprising case: “It takes place in the near future in which the police officers, when they arrive at this murder scene, come with an armada of drones which scan the crime scene from all angles. This allows the police officers behind to return to the scene of crime in a virtual reality room”. In this series, a very particular technology is used.

An amazing series

And for good reason, the series makes leaps in time. “The first woman in his life died in 1998 while going for a jog on the ledge. 27 years later, on the same beach, in this virtual reality, he meets his wife who is still alive in 1998 while he It’s 2025. But time is running the same for her as it is for him. He knows he only has a few days left to save her life, but the problem is that if we touch the past, we touch the present.”

Vortex: was the France 2 series really shot in Brittany?

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