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The “Vortex” series carried by Tomer Sisley and broadcast on France 2 was a great success as soon as the first two episodes were broadcast. The filming of the fiction took place in Brittany, but also in studios in order to stage the virtual reality sequences. We will explain everything to you.

Vortex : at the heart of virtual reality

Tomer Sisley again finds himself at the heart of a detective story, this time in the series Vortex broadcast on France 2. He embodies here a police captain and must lead two investigations that belong to two different eras. Added to this are two love stories, one belonging to the past and the other to the present. The fiction transports viewers to very distinct universes, just like the main character. He will have to redouble his efforts to get out of this very complex situation unscathed.

This fantastic thriller has therefore implemented several techniques in order to best film the scenes out of the present time. For this, they used different technologies similar to those used for The Mandalorian. Indeed Ludo, the character played by Tomer Sisley, finds thanks to virtual reality his ex-wife who is on the beach in 1998. However, he is actually in the room which reconstructs this same beach in 2025.

In total immersion

Filming therefore also took place in two stages. There are the scenes shot on the beach in Finistère and those shot, not on a green screen, but thanks to an LED wall. To do this, they had to completely map the beach in order to reproduce it identically in the Épinay studios. A 15 meter by 6 meter LED screen on which the 3D images of the beach were projected was used. So that the actors are in real immersion10 tons of sand as well as fake rocks similar to those of the beach in Brittany were installed.

Behind the scenes of the Vortex series ©Julien Cauvin/France 2

The different techniques used still need to be tamed. Director Slimane-Baptiste Berhoun explained to CNC that the technologies of the “Volume” were used to the first time in 2020 with The Mandalorian. As it concerns Vortex, this is the first time that this practice has been used on this scale. They thus filmed more than 40 sequences with the LED wall. The fact that the heart of the story is based on this technology is a first in France. The actors are immersed in the scenery and it’s very convenient for them. Tomer Sisley explained himself on this subject on the set of C to you :

We also used the LED walls a lot, which come from the United States, with which they shot The Mandalorian. This allowed us to recreate the beach of Corsen, on which this meeting takes place. We recreated everything in the studio. I challenge you to see the difference between the real pictures and the studio pictures. It’s completely stunning. It’s extraordinary because it’s less work for the actors. When you find yourself in front of a green background with a cross and you are told: “That’s a car”. So you have to imagine a car, then it’s supposed to roll so you have to imagine that it’s moving… So here, with that, it’s less imagination.

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Vortex: the series used the same technology as “The Mandalorian” – CinéSéries

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