Vortex, the police and SF series by Franck Thilliez with Tomer Sisley for France 2: our opinion

By Laura B. Posted Dec 29, 2022 11:44 AM

“Vortex” is the title of the new detective (and science fiction) series from France 2. A series created by Franck Thilliez, with Tomer Sisley, which arrives on TV from January 2, 2023. A series particularly successful in a not obvious register, already visible in preview on Salto and on France.TV.

Franck Thilliez is one of the novelists policemen the most read in France. Besides books, Franck Thilliez also writes and creates TV seriess. After E-syndrome on TF1 (adaptation of one of his novels), Franck Thilliez created Vortexa police series of science fictionwhose main role is played by Tomer Sisley. A fiction broadcast on France 2 from the January 2, 2023 and already available in full on the Salto platform as well as on top France.TV.

The Trailer of Vortex :

Since 2010, Franck Thilliez wrote some scenarios of TV movies and created seriesespecially Alex Hugo, in collaboration with novelist Niko Tackian. A police series with Samuel Le Bihan, already broadcast on France 2. Franck Thilliez renews its collaboration with the public channel with Vortexnews police series whose action takes place in the future and the past. A series of which he imagined the original concept, 7 years ago. Being no longer available at the time of its development, the writing was entrusted to 5 screenwriters.

Vortex, series between the register policeman and that of the science fictionwith a little bit of romance, is composed of 6 episodes of 52 minutes. Its screenplay was co-written by Sarah Farkas, who is already writing the miniseries. Out of season with Fianso on France 3, and Camille Couasse (Lupine). Outraged Tomer Sisley (Balthazar on TF1), in Vortex we also find Camille Claris (Escape on W9), Zineb Triki (The Office of Legends), Sandrine Salyères (in season 2 of invisible currently broadcast on France 2) as well as the youtuber Ludovik (The Visitor from the Future, Hatersshortly BDE).

Our opinion :

In Vortexwhich starts in 1998, during the Football World Cup (an event that will often be discussed), before moving on to 2025, Tomer Sisley embodies a cop, widower (as Balthazar, medical examiner whom he interprets for TF1 and who returns to the antenna for a final season from January 19). Longer hair and beard, his character, Ludovic, sometimes uses the same tone as that of TF1. It can be disturbing.

Here the glasses for the virtual reality took the form of goggles (and more than a helmet). It is a central element since thanks to a fault, Tomer Sisley can travel in time, 27 years back and thus hope to change the course of history. The cop went on a quest to find the murderer of his wife (finally not dead by accident). But wanting to change the past, with the butterfly effect, the present is also modified.

Although the creators of the series staged a romance with a love trio (Tomer Sisley and his wife from 1998 and Tomer Sislsey and his wife from 2025), this is thedetective story which kept us more in suspense.

At times, the narration is somewhat difficult to follow, we do not know if we are in 1998 or 2025. But the various allusions to the 1998 World Cup remain a point of reference. The series is nevertheless well constructed since each episode is centered around a different suspect.

Whether Franck Thilliez is only the designer of the original original idea of Vortex (also the title of a film by Gaspar Noé), we clearly recognize his interest in the functioning of the brain. The story of Vortex is tortuous like that of Labyrinththe author’s latest novel.

Where the series Vortex is particularly successful is in its implementation of time travel, both the rejuvenation and the aging of the characters. The digital effects offer a beautiful result. Director Slimane Baptiste Berhoun knew what to do to serve this story.

The synopsis of Vortex :

2025. Judicial police captain in Brest, Ludovic (Tomer Sisley) lost 27 years ago the love of his life, Mélanie (Camille Claris). The mother of her daughter Juliette (Anaïs Parello) died in what seemed to be an accident… But suddenly, thanks to a temporal rift that opens inside a crime scene reconstructed in virtual reality, they can communicate between 1998 and 2025! Ludovic warns Mélanie: she will die in 11 days! But saving her from certain death means that Ludovic risks losing his life in the present, the one he took so long to rebuild: his new wife, Parvana (Zineb Triki) and their son Sam (Maxime Gueguen)…

An escape game in VR…

To accompany the release of its series event, France 2 has developed a escape game in virtual reality, accessible free with a Meta Quest 2 helmet. In 20 minutes, you have to solve a murder with the help of Captain Ludovic Béguin, the character of Tomer Sisley who lent himself to the game of Motion Capture.

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Vortex, the police and SF series by Franck Thilliez with Tomer Sisley for France 2: our opinion

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