Viture One: mixed reality glasses that are a hit on Kickstarter


In a month and a half, the Viture company collected 2.5 million dollars, far from the initial 20,000 dollars. A success that even exceeds the Oculus Rift campaign of the time.

Viture is a San Francisco startup, created by former Google and Apple employees, which launched crowdfunding on Kickstarter to make mixed reality glasses that would not only perform well, but look good enough to be worn daily.

With a relatively classic sunglasses look and offered in three colors, they are much more discreet than the virtual reality headsets currently on offer. The first consideration is offered for a contribution of 429 dollars, which includes the glasses and one year of warranty. Count 529 dollars for a complete configuration.

Viture One: a 120-inch screen with you everywhere

The Viture One consists of two parts, the glasses (weighing 78 g) which allow the diffusion of images and sound, and the neck strap (128 g) which contains the battery and all the electronics necessary to manage the content. They can work alone with an Android phone, but the neck strap is essential to take advantage of all the features

The glasses run on Android and will come with most streaming services pre-installed. It will therefore be possible to enjoy, for example, Apple TV, Netflix, Disney +, but also 3D films.

When it comes to gaming, the glasses are capable of streaming PlayStation, Xbox, and even PC games through Steam Link or Shadow (as well as associated controllers). The Switch is not forgotten either thanks to an accessory allowing you to play alone or in multiplayer with a second pair.

The virtual screen formed by the lenses offers the equivalent of 120 inches diagonally with a pixel density close to that of a Mac Retina screen (according to Viture). As for the sound, the directional speakers would have been supplied by a “big brand” without any other information being available.

In terms of functionality, we can also note:

  • Switching from an immersive mode (darkened glass, screen in central position) to ambient (less opaque glass thanks to the adjustment of the electrochemical film, reduced screen at the bottom of the field of vision) with a simple gesture.
  • The possibility for spectacle wearers (myopes only) to adjust the correction with an adjustment wheel (up to -5.0).
  • Compatibility with all USB-C devices with video output.

If all the promises are kept, the Viture One could well become a benchmark for mixed reality glasses, but as with all crowdfunding campaigns, it is worth taking a little step back. If the schedule is respected, it will therefore be necessary to wait until October of this year to be fixed.

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Viture One: mixed reality glasses that are a hit on Kickstarter

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