Virtual worlds: the brand new Virbela campus operated by Komodal

Nicolas Ribeyre and Laurent Giraldon have tested the solution they show us. “

“By working in the new version of Virbela that we will launch in a few days under our 4th Place campus, our customers – like Alstom (which will be the first to inaugurate the solution in France) – can evolve alongside social and economic changes. that redefine the new work culture” says Maroua El Mokhtari, Marketing and Sales Manager at Komodal. These changes continue to inspire us in the development of new digital workspaces: they are both large, realistic and easy to adopt by our customers.”

A virtual world that looks like a modern city

Created to look like a modern city, the new Virbela Open Campus offers expansive spaces to work, learn and build community. Teams of designers, developers and organizational psychologists have created a virtual world that allows businesses and institutions to thrive in the future. In the new Virbela Open Campus, everyone can walk, run, teleport or enter a metro station to travel around the world. Subway station names are configurable for users with higher permissions. The outdoor environment connects the buildings through paved, natural paths, dotted with trees that rustle in the breeze. The grass crunches when you walk on it. A waterfall cascades near the mountain. The sound of running water is realistic. Light moves just like in the real world, flickering or casting shadows. Other outdoor spaces include a campsite and a hiking trail leading to the top of a mountain from where the entire Open Campus can be seen. An outdoor amphitheater can accommodate large meetings, concerts, events with DJs, movies on a lawn, and other presentations or entertainment.

Exhibitions in trendy neighborhoods

A cultural district offers galleries with interactive museum-style exhibits for inspiration and relaxation, as well as a design showroom and theatre. A library complex helps host additional exhibits focused on diversity and inclusion and houses a community center, where monthly experiences promote togetherness and camaraderie in virtual worlds. Throughout the Campus, each type of building is designed to follow the latest trends in modern architecture. They are also modular and scalable, so organizations can design a Private Campus that meets their exact needs. The interior spaces of the original Virbela Campus are still in place, but have been updated to match the aesthetics and premium quality of this new Campus. Step into a completely renovated lounge club in the Virbela Speakeasy or visit the small aquarium across the street. Attend events in the Auditorium or Pavilion, stroll through the Black History Library, and visit the virtual Sento for a few minutes of relaxation. “Each environment is created for organizations to optimize team engagement and opportunities for individual well-being and a sense of connectedness at work.” complete Maroua El Mokhtari.

One of the most advanced enterprise virtual worlds to date

As businesses adapt to the rapid changes of the present, the ability to collaborate and innovate from anywhere has become more pressing than ever. New paradigms are forming everywhere we look. Social issues such as diversity and inclusion, mental health and work-life balance demand our immediate attention. Economic issues such as rising prices, limited or uneven supply of commercial real estate and the availability of skilled labor weigh on results. The impending climate catastrophe requires us to limit emissions in our commercial actions. These problems are difficult to solve without new ways of working. While designing Virbela’s new Open Campus, organizational psychologists, led by Virbela co-founders Alex Howland, Ph.D., and Sheldon Brown, highlighted how people engage with work in physical offices and in virtual reality. These ideas are the main drivers of the new Virbela Open Campus operated by Komodal. First, social interaction is essential in successful businesses. The nature of these interactions may change, especially as more and more people prefer to manage their own time, but some interactions remain essential. Group conversations, occasional collisions in common areas, and the ability to access management functions are essential to business growth. Also, traditional remote work processes, such as video conferences, long chains of emails, and detailed project documents, don’t always work. In fact, an overreliance on these methods can create silos, preventing teams from understanding company-wide goals and performance metrics. With the evolution of remote working and virtual reality, the look and feel of Virbela also needed to be refreshed. The sensory immersion of virtual worlds is an important element in giving staff members the feeling of being “at work”. The psychological impact of the feeling of sharing a space with colleagues promotes concentration, productivity and general personal well-being once the work is done.

Experiences in the making: a dynamic market

Virtual worlds are still very new experiences, so Virbela focused on harnessing everyday emotional and cognitive responses to make them familiar and easy to use. The company has taken inspiration from the set of use cases that Virbela and its partners have supported over time, thinking about the most useful common aspects. They also studied the urban design of major cities around the world. As a result, each space in the new virtual campus facilitates different states of mind, similar to those we all experience during the day. For example, you can gaze at a landscape for a moment of reflection, walk down a city street for inspiration, or sit with colleagues in an auditorium to benefit from a presentation.

A world accessible from anywhere with a simple connection

The result is an always-on virtual world, accessible from anywhere via a desktop computer with a wifi connection, and highly scalable for businesses of all sizes. At the enterprise level, this scalability translates to tens of thousands of employees working simultaneously in a customizable shared space. For companies moving to virtual offices, recruiting, learning, and social programs can be turned on or off quickly and affordably. Avatars facilitate natural interaction by giving individuals a way to connect. Currently, avatars can be changed in minutes, drawing from an extensive library of body types, faces, and hair, with multiple seasonal outfits and accessories. Designers are currently putting the finishing touches to a new avatar system, which allows any individual to express themselves using billions of appearance combinations. Virbela plans to roll out the next generation of avatars by the end of 2022. In the new Open Campus, avatars already have a cleaner look and feel to match the layout and architecture of the world .

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Virtual worlds: the brand new Virbela campus operated by Komodal

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