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Chronicle written by Kadidja Harbi Houssein – Volunteer

Are you stressed about final exams? Do you want to do physical activity to relax without going to the gym? If so, I strongly recommend that you go and do your exercises in an original way: in virtual reality.

The virtual reality headset is offered every day at 3 p.m. Wellness Fair (UCU 205). If you are looking to do a little sports session, it is possible to go directly to make your reservation online or to go directly in person to make the reservation on site. That’s all you need to live the future of exercise.

From reality to virtuality

The technology has become ubiquitous in our lives. It is now possible to fully immerse yourself in a virtual world with a headset. Virtual reality opens the door to many possibilities, for example by marketing with the product demonstration, in education with the virtual guided tours or in human resources for the hiring process. So why not take advantage of it for your physical training?

Indeed, many high-level athletes seek to develop their physical skills by using virtual reality to help them during their preparation. Virtual reality makes it possible to simulate the environment and the real conditions of a match in the comfort of a room. It would be more effective for training while avoiding the risk of injury.

Virtual reality also offers coaches and athletes a way to isolate sub-skills in order to sharpen them as much as possible. The technology would be used to train reflexes, techniques and game intelligence using virtual scenarios. For example, you could try playing the video game ” Creed: Rise to Glory as I did, in order to develop some of the skills and abilities of a boxer.

Is it real ? : my experience

Being rather busy with the arrival of final exams, I wanted to find a new way to do sports by reserving a virtual reality headset. Not being too familiar with the hardware, I asked a member of the Wellness Fair team to help me get to grips with the helmet.

I first tried playing a few video games to warm up. Even in virtual mode, I immediately felt the benefits at the physical level. I had the opportunity to try my hand at sports such as basketball, but also virtual adventures that require movement and the use of various physical skills.

If, like me, you like video games related to combat sports or car chases, “ SUPERHOT ” is made for you. The goal of this virtual arcade game may seem quite violent, since you have to pick up weapons and shoot enemies. The rewarding aspect of the game, however, is above all the fact of simultaneously having to avoid bullets and blows from enemies by moving strategically.

This would probably allow me to develop my reflexes over the long term, while having to use my whole body and expending energy. It’s also important to compare it to most video games: rather than sitting with a joystick in my hands, I actively participated in virtual scenarios by burning calories.

Once back in reality, however, I could see the limits of virtual reality. I quickly realized that my movements were much more restricted than if I was in a gym. It is not possible to replicate the weight of dumbbells or the treadmill with a simple helmet. Conversely, we are less aware of the physical exertion exerted in a simulated environment, which makes physical activity less strenuous and more engaging.

More than sports

Obviously, video games are not for everyone. If you prefer to do yoga or meditate, it is also possible to relax with certain applications available in virtual reality headsets. You can be transported to another universe or even travel around the world, all without leaving the Wellness Fair.

I was pleasantly surprised that meditating with the headset could help me relax and relax. I can understand the gym having the benefit of having more space and more equipment. Virtual reality, however, offers us the advantage of imagining and doing sports in a minimalist way. In my case, this experience gave me the opportunity to revive my competitive spirit.

Let yourself be tempted by virtual reality to take a breather between two lessons or to breathe in exam session. If you are still skeptical about using virtual reality, come and experience its benefits yourself.

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Virtual reality: the future of sport? – The rotunda

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