Virtual reality laser tag

Esport Virtual Arena (EVA) has just inaugurated its tenth virtual reality room in Chasseneuil-du-Poitou. Equipped with a helmet and a dummy weapon, players find themselves immersed in another rather hostile world. Dedicated to individuals and businesses, the concept even makes it possible to compete against gamers from other cities.

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EVA These three letters displayed in capital letters on one of the buildings on the Allée du Haut-Poitou, in Chasseneuil, have already caught the attention of quite a few Technopolitans. Inside, the contrast is striking between the rather dark room of the cyberbar and the flashy neon lights of the two gigantic arenas of 500m2 each. The concept, very innovative, opens a new era in the world of video games. Exit screens and controllers! Esport Virtual Arena offers total immersion in the game…” It’s kind of a mix between a laser tag and a video game. », Explains Stéphane, one of the three animators, with Camille and Oscar.

For their first try, Florent, Hugo and Alexandre chose Legend of Mars. After a quick briefing, thirty minutes of intense mission await them. Virtual reality helmet on the head, the finger on the trigger, they must defend their base against strange hostile robots. ” The scenery is very realistic, both in the foreground and the mountains in the distance, the images are fluid “says Alexander. Second round in the land of zombies. The goal is to save his life in every-man-for-himself mode. ” The sound is spatialized, it’s impressive, you can hear the zombies arriving on the sides and behind you commented Hugo. ” When they crawl towards you on the ground, the stress rises, you would like to kick them but it is not possible “continues Florent. It seems that this option would be in the boxes… For the moment, the sensors are located only in the helmet and the weapon. ” Just thanks to this device and the decor entirely in black and white, the players are positioned in the game “says Stéphane. The computer is integrated into a backpack. ” You’re so in the game you don’t even feel it anymore “says Florent.

Online tournaments

The Chasseneuil EVA room, the latest addition to the network, offers three games for 1 to 8 players accessible from 12 years old (16 years old for After-H Zombies). At the origin of this establishment in Vienne, Ekaria Imhaus is far from being an absolute geek! This ex-” assimilated civil servant “Worked for the Social Regime of Independents (RSI) in Ile-de-France before leaving everything to return to his region of heart. She wanted to work in the leisure sector. ” I mentioned it by chance to my cousin who is the best friend of the founder of EVA, remembers the manager. At Paris Games Week 2019, there was a six-hour wait to discover the concept, I understood that we had to get started. His banker followed him. Amount of investment: nearly €500,000. Under franchise with the brand, Ekaria bought all the equipment, games and management. ” There were specifications to follow. Thanks to this, EVA Poitiers can organize tournaments with halls located in other cities. All this online. The other area of ​​development is B-to-B, the business market, seminars and team building. With the Technopole nearby, it’s promising.

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Virtual reality laser tag

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