Virtual reality finally allows you to relive the golden age of video games!

News JVTech Virtual reality finally allows you to relive the golden age of video games!

Virtual reality is becoming more and more democratized, even though it is confined to a passionate niche. So why target a niche audience, already established in a niche? This is the bet of this virtual reality emulator that allows you to dive back into childhood.

A virtual reality emulator to make you relive your gaming childhood

Emulation is a way to retouch old games that we have not had the opportunity to play, or even to know from our young age. Many people discover the catalogs of cult Nintendo or Sega games and take a liking to them.

On the other hand, virtual reality is making its merry way into our homes, and the appearance of the more affordable and easy-to-use PSVR has introduced many gamers to this technology. On PC, different headset models exist, whether it’s the more affordable Oculus Quest 2, or the Valve Index, which pushes the technology even further.

EmuVR uses this technology to immerse you in your childhood, or at least what you would like it to look like, to discover video games in a cozy little bubble.

The software is still in its beta phase and has a waiting list to be able to access it, but the results are already there. In a presentation video, we can see that several players can join in a virtual room to enjoy a whole lot of consoles and games.

Launch Street Fighter 2 and enjoy a good episode of Dragon Ball Z, it’s possible! This will allow you to play split-screen games without any problems. Obviously, emulation remains, on paper, completely legal. It’s the acquisition of games that isn’t… Ironic.

If you haven’t had the opportunity to discover certain games, EmuVR is an alternative that will prevent you from putting hundreds of dollars in overpriced retro consoles and games.

What are the features available on this emulator?

As said before, EmuVR is in its beta phase, all features are subject to change or even be removed.

For now, EmuVR offers to play many retro games on vintage consoles as well as on arcade terminals. Game magazines are also available in the rooms to perfect your video game culture. Streaming videos are also available, allowing you to discover cult series and anime from the 80s/90s.

The entire virtual room is fully customizable, to put you in the mood you want. But of course, the most important thing is to be able to share it with your friends and play many split-screen games, just like in the good old days.

EmuVR is of course planning new features for the future, like playing 90s PC games, watching TV, a room creation tool and even the ability to share items with your friends.

The tool looks more than promising and those who own a VR headset will be able to enjoy a real metaverse, which for once does not try to squeeze all their money and personal information out of them.

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Virtual reality finally allows you to relive the golden age of video games!

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