Vince Gilligan wants a GTA-style Breaking Bad game

breaking Bad once again steals the show from the world of show business, as the show’s final season Better Call Saul its spin-off, had numerous cameos of characters who appeared in the main series. Among them, the same Walter White and Jesse Pinkman, to name a few. But beyond the success of the two productions on the small screen, many have wondered if breaking Bad would also be able to succeed in video games.

Although there are some adaptations of breaking Bad at the playground, most of them have been small projects with minimal impact. It is for this reason that many people, mainly those who share a fondness for the series and the Game dream of seeing a game based on the AMC franchise. And if we are looking for a title that could inspire them, it would undoubtedly be GTA.

In fact, Vince Gilligan the creator of the franchise, has expressed interest in the existence of a game of breaking Bad in the style GTA or at least an extension for the Rockstar Games title. During the podcast In the world of Gill from Music Gear Network admitted that he had tried to convince the studio to do so, but in the end nothing came of it. After all, Rockstar isn’t used to developing titles based on third-party intellectual properties.

I’m not a big video game player, but… how not to know. Grand Theft Auto? I remember saying to the guys who originally said yes to breaking Bad: Who own Grand Theft Auto ne can’t you have a complement of Breaking Bad ? It still makes sense to me!

Creating a game is not easy

breaking Bad and Grand Theft Auto share some narrative similarities. Both tell how a character, at first ordinary and discreet, makes his way through the world of crime to satisfy a need or an ambition, generally economic. Walter White could take the place of Niko Bellic (GTA 4) or Franklin Clinton (GTA 5), for example.

Unfortunately, as mentioned above, try to bring breaking Bad video games didn’t work. Vince Gilligan himself pointed out that making games these days is quite a complicated process:

There have been quite a few attempts at video games. And some of them have come to market. We tried to do a virtual reality experience with Sony’s PlayStation VR. We created a mobile game that didn’t last long. Making a video game is extremely difficult, from what little I’ve learned in the process. It literally takes years and millions of dollars, especially when you’re trying to innovate with virtual reality and all that. It never really materialized.

The producer added that they have poured energy, effort and talent into developing multiple stories for the video games of breaking Bad but none of them saw the light of day.

Now, although it’s unlikely we’ll see a game of breaking Bad inspired by Grand Theft Auto the latter has the possibility of taking up certain elements of the series. It’s just… GTA V has a Easter eggs by Aaron Paul (Jesse Pinkman), which clearly shows that Rockstar Games is not losing sight of the AMC universe. Will we see something deeper in GTA 6 ? That no one dares to exclude it…

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Vince Gilligan wants a GTA-style Breaking Bad game

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