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Video game graphics have undergone an extraordinary evolution in recent years. We note a real progression going from the simple pixel to the virtual reality, without forgetting the passage to the 3D. Focus on the important stages of this evolution.

The first video games

We still remember those weekends spent in front of LCD screens where gamers thoroughly enjoyed themselves at the Battlezone or the space invaders. At the time, the functionality of games was still limited with fairly simple technologies compatible with small screens.

The first video games were displayed in black and white or grayscale. Their graphics consisted of texts, pixel grids, color spectra and limited palettes. It was only a little later that neon colors were used, which almost influenced the characters and typography of video games that we see today.

The beginning of consoles and PC games

In the early 80s, the market for consoles and PC games began to experience real success. From this period, the resolutions of the games become higher. We notice a graphic revolution leading to a great improvement in the user experience.

Passing through the cubic landscapes of the PS1 to the realism of the PS4, the technical evolutions of the consoles are impressive. The graphics transport players into the virtual world thanks to the color 2D images of games like The Legend of Zelda or Hollow Knight.

The evolution of 3D

Currently, video games have become more complex and attractive than ever. The use of effects such as antialiasing, blur motion or cel-shading brought a more modern touch to the graphics. We see pixel-free images adding a touch of life to 3D models.

In the first 3D games, projection techniques were still quite simple, then they evolved over time. To meet the needs of the market, the modeling of 3-dimensional images is present everywhere. Moreover, the use of 3D technology has become systematic for the graphics of many video games such as netent slot machines.

virtual reality

The graphic evolution of video games does not stop there. Thanks to virtual reality, players are immersed in an artificial environment where sight, touch, and even hearing are stimulated. Here, the gaming experience approaches the real world. Following several researches, the technicians really managed to stimulate the interaction, the immersion and the feeling of the player.

Among the video games that use virtual reality, we can cite Beat Saber, Moss or even resident Evil. Now, this technology is accessible to the general public. It brings an immersive experience with a noticeable improvement in gameplay and video game content.


Thanks to the progression of computer software and hardware capabilities, the graphic evolution of video games continues to grow. This allows big fans of video games to enjoy increasingly modern graphics with a flawless gaming experience.

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Video games, an exceptional graphic evolution | VL Media

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