[VIDEO] At CES in Las Vegas, the Catalan start-up VRrOOm unveils its “YouTube of the metaverse”

Based in the P.-O., this start-up is part of the region’s delegation to the largest tech fair in the world. She will unveil a new platform for “social virtual reality”.

This week runs from January 5 to 8 on CES. The largest tech show in the world with more than 3,000 exhibitors, the Las Vegas event is the ideal place for start-ups who want to present a new product. An unparalleled opportunity seized by the start-up VRrOOmbased in Soler (P.-O.), which unveils the platform there which it announces as the future “YouTube of the metaverse”.

“This is the first time that the start-up is going to CES, where we are part of the delegation from the Occitanie region. (read below)says Louis Cacciuttolo, founder and CEO of VRrOOm. We will present a prototype of our social virtual reality (VR) platform. It’s also a way to promote a virtual event we’re hosting for its launch on January 10.”

Concretely, this free virtual evening will be accessible on VR Quest headsets from the Meta group (Facebook), and from the Ricoh brand. “It’s going to be a musical evening, the objective of which is to show the capabilities of our platform, which makes it possible to organize concerts for all types of artists.” For people who do not have VR headsets, the evening will also be broadcast on YouTube, social networks, and the audio site Deezer, partner of the event.

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For this evening, the start-up also joined forces with three music labels, Warner Music, Wagram Music, and The Orchard. Each of them will present an artist, who will give in a virtual universe created for him a mini-show of ten minutes, with three of his titles. The artists, spanning hip-hop to electro-pop styles, are: Web7, Maxence, and Juiice. They will then answer a series of hand-picked fan questions.

The evening will end with a three-hour set by DJ M1nOtOr (pronounced Minotaur), in the virtual club Totem, which opens on this occasion. “The programming of artists corresponds to our target of 12-25 year olds, who have the most users of VR headsets, and are very present on social networks.”

Create your virtual concert without computer skills

However, this event is only the start-up’s first step towards a much more ambitious platform, which will see the light of day next spring. “It will be a true “YouTube of the metaverse”welcomes Louis Cacciuttolo. Its objective is to allow everyone, without any computer or 3D knowledge, to organize their own virtual concert and attract their fans. To do this, all you have to do is choose your own universe, and customize it with a library of 3D objects already available.”

This complete platform will be launched worldwide next March in Austin, during the South by Southwest festival, which brings together players from tech, music and cinema. For her, the start-up is teeming with projects, including TV and radio broadcasts captured virtually, “for which we are already in discussion with several media”.

VRrOOm also plans to present its platform during the call for projects of the “sovereign metaverse” wanted by Emmanuel Macron, and already part of the France 2030 national development plan. It also completes a fundraising of 20 M€, which will be finalized in early 2023.

The start-up, which has a total of 20 employees, has also just acquired an Italian design studio, in Milan, in order to complete its administrative and commercial headquarters in Perpignan.

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[VIDEO] At CES in Las Vegas, the Catalan start-up VRrOOm unveils its “YouTube of the metaverse”

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