Two Albigensians fallen into the pot of video games

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The Albi games festival welcomes gamers from Occitanie this weekend with lovers of legendary video games. Among them, two 22-year-old Albigensians who came to pass on their passion for digital culture.

For game enthusiasts, they are known under the nicknames “Oricour” and “Darkmacia”.
The lair of these two lovebirds fed on video games since the age of six betrays the extent of their passion right from the front door.
Triple competition screen, TV dedicated to the game, figurines and statues of legendary video game heroes such as Pokémon, Tomb Raider or Eevee. On the desk in the living room sits a luminescent keyboard with purple keys and consoles are piled up on the coffee table in the living room.
“We can say without exaggerating that we fell into the pot of the game since any kid, laughs Lucie, the rebellious blue wick. Me, I discovered the universe of the Pokémon game at six years old and I’m still addicted fifteen years later. »
His companion Loïs alias “Darkmacia” for console fanatics will be present at the first “Albi Games Festival” as the founder of Oricia Games, a video game creation studio founded in 2001 in Albi.
“It’s great that this event can accommodate over 2400m², a space entirely dedicated to consoles, video games and e-tournaments of all kinds. We have long dreamed of it and this festival will make it possible for the general public to appreciate the culture of video games as a whole. »

Aces of Tombraider and Pokémon

“Oricour” knows all the secrets of Pokemon games since its creation. Over the years, since her earliest childhood, this real champion has patiently climbed all the levels of her favorite game with Eevee, her favorite character.
“I have it so much in my skin that I got it tattooed on my right arm. This is the first game I played. I became the greatest Pokémon trainer in the region. I have successfully completed all stages of all games released so far. »
But in the gaming world, everything is constantly changing.
And the young woman who does not call herself a “competitor at heart” has decided to change her tune. “Previously, I only played solo. But on the new builds, there is a multiplayer mode and Pokemon now opens up globally. I am therefore determined to switch to competition mode. »
For its part, “Darkmacia” certainly arises as one of the bosses of Tomb Raider at the national level. “On this adventure game, I am clearly among the best players in Occitania but also in the country. It’s been my favorite game since I was six. I know all the secrets. I master every technique of every evolution.”
The couple of gamers does not avoid the negative effects of excessive gaming or screen abuse. “It is very important to monitor the exposure time in very young people, like 6/15 years old, to prevent the practice from becoming addictive. »
This Albi games festival, the first of its name, will therefore be a fun break for these expert gamers. From Monday morning, it will be time to dive back with just as much happiness and selflessness into the creation of video games made in Albi.

Info and tickets:
Saturday the doors will be open from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m., and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.

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Two Albigensians fallen into the pot of video games

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