Transformation of the Lapeyre brand: digitization and improved customer experience

Nine months after the launch of its “Convergence & Growth” strategic plan, the Lapeyre brand specializing in home improvement, draws an initial assessment of its actions. The customer journey has been optimized for professionals and digital technology is making its way to the point of sale with virtual reality, kiosks and electronic labelling. As for the operation of the manufacturing plants, it has been reviewed.

An investment of 170 million euros over 4 years

At the end of 2021, Marc Ténart, president of Lapeyre, wanted a reorganization centered on customer expectations, to make Lapeyre more agile and innovative, and to reach 800 million euros in turnover by 2025. Financing of 170 million euros euros is planned over 4 years to innovate, modernize and digitize the sales network and support Lapeyre industries in France. In 2022, the investment amounts to 33 million euros.

Digitization and virtual reality are launched in several points of sale

After 9 months, the customer journey created to be dedicated to “Pro VIP” professionals will be extended to 36 stores and the wooden window activity will be refocused on “tailor-made” to adapt to the market. On the point of sale side, digitalization and virtual reality have been launched in several stores and a new store and franchise concept will be presented in the 1st quarter of 2023.

Lapeyre continues its reinvention. We offer customizable concepts tailor-made by our factories in France and our innovation studios, and we deploy new simplified and immersive shopping experiences. explains Marc Ténart, president of Lapeyre.

Virtual reality modeling of future kitchens

Since May 31, 2022, Lapeyre has been offering housing modeling in 360° virtual reality in four pilot stores in Herblay, Rouen, Lille and Amiens. Customers can model their future kitchen in Virtual Reality with the help of an advisor, and move around in it using a VR (Virtual Reality) headset. This solution will be rolled out to all housing and the entire Lapeyre network by 2023.

Lapeyre wants to deploy digital kiosks and electronic labels in stores

The Lapeyre e-commerce site will be revisited in early 2023 with new features. Lapeyre also wishes to strengthen the digitization of the customer journey with the deployment of digital terminals and electronic labels, with a pilot test in Herblay, in order to facilitate the display of the catalog, to offer access to interactive product sheets allowing referral to the e-commerce site, access to videos, and check the availability of products in store or in stock.

Lapeyre is pleased with the success of the customer journey dedicated to “Pro VIP” professionals, which has led to a +10% increase in activity in the first test stores. For its professional customers, craftsmen and self-employed carpenters, who are looking for specialized support, Lapeyre has launched “Pro VIP” courses since May 2022 with priority access to orders from factory stock, express deadlines, advice and specific discounts.

The course dedicated to “Pro Vip” professionals extended to 36 stores

The “Pro Vip” courses are currently being tested in 5 stores in Aubervilliers, Nanterre, Gournay, Toulon and Rouen. They will be extended to 36 stores by the end of 2022. They will be supplemented in 2023 by a new digital ordering and tracking solution.

An “operational excellence” program has been set up at the 9 Lapeyre factories

On the industrial side, investments of 20 million euros in 2022 are earmarked for Lapeyre to become champion of PVC, aluminum and wood. An “operational excellence” program has been set up at the 9 Lapeyre factories in order to improve production capacity, adaptability, quality, deadlines and cost prices. Several product lines are re-internalized.

In addition, Lapeyre relies on an innovation center, which brings together an R&D team of 45 people, 9 design offices that work in collaboration with each of the factories, and a test laboratory in Chalons en Champagne to test the product quality and durability. Lapeyre wishes to pre-empt new market trends. Recent innovations include the My Air door set, or the eco-responsible Ethan spiral staircase. Lapeyre holds 50 active patents and renews 10% of its catalog every year.

A network of franchise stores in preparation

Finally, Lapeyre relies on a network of franchisees to strengthen its territorial network. A new franchise concept is being developed to strengthen customer proximity with a potential of 70 additional stores, and is the subject of discussions with many interested parties. Several franchise formats are being studied depending on the store surface, the possibilities of takeover and will be tested in the 1st quarter of 2023.

Lapeyre is a manufacturer-distributor, created in 1931, specializing in home furnishings, kitchens, bathrooms, joinery and coverings. The brand relies on a network of 131 points of sale and 9 factories spread across France. Lapeyre employs 3,100 people and also offers advice and workshop, delivery and installation services.

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Transformation of the Lapeyre brand: digitization and improved customer experience
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