Throwback to the Space Buzz week in Grenoble!

The moment was awaited by several hundred children from the Grenoble conurbation and by the team from La Casemate and the Maison pour la Sciences who have been working on the project for 2 years! The Space Buzz has finally passed through the capital of the Alps!

Welcomed by Nelson Mandela College in Pont de Claix, the rocket truck arrived on Saturday May 14. After a few maneuvers guided by the inhabitants of the district, it finally parked in the college car park for a week of entertainment.

The classes took place in groups of 8 children, every 20 minutes, from Monday to Friday evening. The four animators, who came straight from the Netherlands for the occasion, did not have much time to get bored!

On board, space travelers sit in seats that move and are seen wearing a virtual reality headset. Guided by astronaut André Kuipers, they experience take-off then, once in orbit, observe the beauties, but also the fragility of the Earth.

When one of the groups passed on the attraction, the rest of the pupils were occupied by 6 rotating workshops proposed by the team of La Casemate and animated with the support of the Maison pour la Sciences Alpes Dauphiné.

Among these workshops, a game of emotions allowed students who had experienced space travel to express their first words about their experience. Many positive emotions and already feedback consistent with the objective of the project: to see the beauty of the Earth seen from space and to understand its weaknesses in order to take care of it.

In total, 592 children benefited from the experience. A hundred additional people, including teachers and sixty lucky people, were also able to experience their journey in space.

  • 592 students
  • a hundred additional people affected (including 64 people from the public on Wednesday)
  • 4 colleges and 4 primary schools affected from CE2 to 5th, from Jarrie, Saint-Martin-d’Hères, Le Pont-de-Claix, and Echirolles.
  • 4 Space buzz animators (including a super driver)
  • 3 facilitators from the Maison pour la Science and 4 from La Casemate
  • 6 rotating workshops for children who do not go through the Space buzz
  • a semi-trailer transformed into a rocket
  • an inauguration Monday, May 16

A huge thank you to the administrative team of Nelson Mandela College for their superb welcome and support throughout the week, especially to Mr. Forest, Principal, Mr. Deputy Principal and Catherine Dos Santos, REP Coordinator. Thanks also to the Capitale Verte agency for their help and their presence with us on Wednesday!

The 600 children involved in the program will return to class to complete the last six activities. They will see that the environments on Earth are threatened and will be given keys to act in favor of the protection of the planet.

An evaluation of the program, conducted by the European Space Consortium project, is underway and will quantify the desired emotional impact of the virtual reality experience.

To bring the project to life beyond the pilot program, do not hesitate to contact us!

The Space Consortium project is a project funded by the Erasmus + program of the European Union.

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Throwback to the Space Buzz week in Grenoble!

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