The Top 3 new Apple products expected in 2023

As we approach the end of 2022, Apple fans are looking ahead to 2023 and eagerly awaiting the new products the company will launch next year. Indeed, if 2022 was rich in Apple novelties, 2023 could be exceptional. Here is the Top 3 of the firm’s most anticipated new products next year.

1 – Augmented reality

Generally, Apple does not teaser and does not discuss its future products before the official presentation. However, when it comes to augmented reality, CEO Tim Cook really struggles to hide his enthusiasm. It’s been known for years that Apple is preparing an augmented reality headset. And some rumors had even suggested that this helmet could be unveiled this year.

In the end, this presentation did not take place. And now, it’s expected that Apple’s headset will be unveiled in 2023. According to several unofficial, but generally reliable sources, Apple should offer a headset that mixes augmented reality and virtual reality, such as the Meta Quest Pro headset. unveiled by Mark Zuckerberg’s company. This launch will be very important for Apple, since it will be a brand new product category. The presentation of this headset is compared to the release of the first Apple Watch, in 2015. But augmented reality is even more important, as this technology could replace smartphones in a few years.

2 – iPhone 15 Ultra

In 2022, Apple ditched the iPhone 14 mini and instead it launched the iPhone 14 Plus, alongside theiPhone 14the iPhone 14 Pro and theiPhone 14 Pro Max. But as for the moment, sales of the iPhone 14 Plus do not seem to take off (compared to other models), one is entitled to wonder if there will still be an iPhone 15 Plus in 2023. On the other hand, d ‘after rumors, Apple could launch an iPhone 15 Ultra, instead of the iPhone 15 Pro Max. And we think that branding change also affects the technical data sheet. While the iPhone 14 Pro Max is more or less an iPhone 14 Pro with an XXL screen, there is reason to believe that the iPhone 15 Ultra will have a more different spec sheet than the iPhone 15 Pro.

3 – Chips engraved in 3 nm

Today, one of the main advantages of using an iPhone, Mac or iPad and that these use Apple Silicon chips, which provide very good performance. In 2023, Apple could lift the veil on new 3 nm engraved processors for its future products. To sum up, the “smaller” this etching technology, the more density there is on the circuit. This allows processors to gain in performance but also in energy efficiency.

TSMC, the company that makes iPhone, iPad and Mac processors for Apple, has just started mass production of 3nm chips. As Bloomberg reports, this launch took place in Taiwan this week. And the technology could allow processors to reduce energy consumption by 35%, which will be a plus for the autonomy of smartphones and laptops. TSMC does not indicate for whom these first 3 nm chips are manufactured, but there is no doubt that Apple is one of its priority customers.

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The Top 3 new Apple products expected in 2023

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