The Sandbox: New adventures available | The Jinta Valley Social Club arrives

Sandbox presents the social center of the Jinta Valley, a novelty of the Alpha 3 season. Born as an action game, the title is developed in five environments and takes the form of a multiplayer social center.

Virtual reality and the real world merge

One of the game’s environments reproduces the events that regularly animate the Thai capital, Bangkok. A multiplayer social center in the middle, as defined by the developers themselves, funded by the Game Maker Fund, an institution with which The Sandbox encourages independent projects, leaving the intellectual property and copyright of the titles to the creators .

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But what exactly is the Jinta Valley Social Hub?

The Jinta Valley Social Hub is an action game that takes place in five different biomes: Candy Village, Crimson Land, Cyberpunk City, Gloomy Forest and The Undercity. Between missions, players can interact, collaborate and come into contact with characteristic elements of Thai culture: some of the settings recreate in the metaverse events that normally take place in Bangkok, and in real life.

The game’s dynamic connects users with real-world issues, giving them insight into social issues as they struggle and must find their way to NIMIT2050, the blockchain capital and gaming meta.

It all takes place in the middle of the Jinta Valley, a setting which, with future developments, will become the setting for the game on the $LAND multiplayer. There are plenty of things to do in this whimsical valley: fight, rescue orphans abandoned in the woods, bake cakes, become an environmentalist by cleaning up the river bed, and of course find the main road to the capital.

All in part thanks to the support of the Game Maker Fund

The developers have benefited from the support of the Game Maker Fund, the fund set up by The Sandbox to finance independent projects and publish the most interesting novelties. An interesting initiative in the GameFi sphere, which has allocated 300 million dollars so far and promises attractive conditions for content creators.

The principle is as follows: the developer proposes an idea, and The Sandbox provides advice, money and a platform to publish the game. Ownership and copyright remains with the author, who can of course monetize in $SAND and allow in-game winnings in P2E style.

An ecosystem ready to invest in the ideas of those who are ready to engage, while promoting one of the use cases of its assets which, thanks to the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies, is now known to the General public.

Yes, the Sandbox can become an important economic center.

A concept of entrepreneurial freedom without apparent geographical, age or cultural limits, probably still not widespread. And which finds its natural field of application in the metaverse.

Concepts and words that are sometimes difficult for the general public, but which in turn find a space in the most important dictionary of American English, which has integrated bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and other technical terms in its latest publishing, demonstrating how much the sector is present in the daily life, even of those who declare themselves profane and crypto-secular.

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The Sandbox: New adventures available | The Jinta Valley Social Club arrives

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