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What is the most expensive virtual property ever sold?

The craze for the metaverse, this digital universe parallel to the physical world, continues to grow. Through their avatar, their pixelated being created from their personal data, many are those who lead a real life there parallel to their physical existence. More than a simple space of entertainment for all those who aspire to evolve there in a kind of ” second life ”, the metaverse today attracts investors capable of betting millions of dollars on virtual real estate. Discover the most expensive virtual property sold to date: an amount that will certainly surprise you!

Virtual real estate, what is it?

Virtual real estate refers to transactions or operation of real estate in the metaverse, i.e. the virtual digital world. These purchases and sales are made using NFT technology (Non-Fungible Token) and are settled in cryptocurrencies. One thing is clear, the metaverse no longer only concerns video game enthusiasts! Many institutional investors such as Adidas or Carrefour rely on virtual real estate to establish their presence in the metaverse. This full-fledged real estate market is now booming: after totaling $500 million in 2021, it should double this amount in 2022. The Decentraland and The Sandbox metaverses currently total the bulk of the virtual real estate.

Digital lands at 4.3 million dollars

The largest virtual real estate transaction to date involves the purchase of 792 plots in The Sandbox. At the end of November 2021, Republic Realm (since renamed Everyrealm) paid out $4.3 million for these virtual lands. This New York developer of the metaverse plans to design and build virtual communities, activities and retail stores there. As in the physical world, digital land can increase in value and its owners can reap great capital gains on resale! Andrew Kiguel, CEO of and former investment banker in traditional real estate, believes that virtual goods have a potential analogous to those in the real world. At $4.3 million, this transaction record will therefore be broken fairly quickly!

You have understood this, after having imposed itself as the safe bet par excellence in the physical world, real estate by conquering the metaverse. This type of investment nevertheless remains the prerogative of large or specialized companies. The individual remains little initiated into the workings of the pixelated universe. Do you want to develop your assets, prepare for your retirement, tax exemption or acquire your main residence? Traditional real estate remains accessible to all. A serious promoter like Real Estate Facts can help you bring a project to life in the real world! To the north of Orléans, the town of Saran offers, for example, a new real estate program high quality: a great opportunity to prepare for the future without having to put on a virtual reality headset to enjoy it!

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The most expensive virtual property – Sciences et Avenir

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