The five upcoming revolutions in business travel

Posted Jan 14, 2023, 11:01 AM

Since the unexpected resumption of international transport , travelers who have gone through the health crisis hope to have a smooth travel experience. This applies to tourism, but also to business travel – a sector that is rapidly changing to respond to the new situation, as shown by Amadeus’ “Travel Trends 2023”. The leader in reservations for the travel industry has identified five trends.

1. The metaverse for seminar locations

the metaverse and its virtual worlds will allow you to explore a destination, try before you buy, which can especially be very useful for incentive travel – when it comes to scouting out hotels, exhibitions, private beaches, etc. It is still time for the first steps: Walt Disney Company plans to create a real-world theme park that will integrate a parallel experience in a 3D virtual world, while qatarairways announced the creation of Qverse, with a meta-human cabin crew, providing an immersive experience for visiting, navigating and checking in at Hamad International Airport.

2.Biometrics to reduce waiting

The biometrics (automatic recognition of an individual based on their physical, biological and even behavioral characteristics) will simplify the process. Biometric payments, through ApplePay and GooglePay, are already common, and airports are using biometrics to identify travel documents.

The logical next step is to take advantage of it at all stages: no need to search your bag for your wallet for an upgrade to business or to cover the addition of a meal on board, for example. The Hudson brand is already using the solution of Amazon One biometric payment at its Nashville International Airport store, allowing customers to pay with the palm of their hand.

3. Move light

Hotels are going to make it easier for their customers – who are increasingly concerned about their carbon footprint and the cost of checked baggage – so that they can travel “hands-free”. Many already offer rental of bulky items from local suppliers. International brands such as Hilton do this especially for sports equipment. It also goes in the direction of a greater search for meaning and commitment from a certain profile of traveler, preferring to buy essential products on site, to support local communities.

4. Nomadism in verve

Employees will increasingly want to work from anywhere – including overseas – as telecommuting policies become more commonplace. The number of countries encouraging digital nomads through visa programs and tax benefits is growing. Georgia, Croatia, Iceland and Germany have already created specific programmes.

The platform nomadlist , which helps remote workers find work places at competitive prices, ranks Bangkok and Lisbon in its Top 5 of the most favorable cities for teleworking. However, Amadeus has seen a 165% increase in searches for flights from Sydney to Bangkok in September 2022 compared to 2019 and 74% for flights from Sao Paulo to Lisbon.

5. Connect while traveling

A new category of business travel is growing, focused on connecting teams and stimulating creativity outside the office. American Express Global Business Travel even published a document called “Why Business Travel is at the Center of the New Company Culture”. According to Amadeus, these programs will grow exponentially, to motivate teams, improve employee satisfaction, strengthen company loyalty and free up brainstorming.

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The five upcoming revolutions in business travel

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