The evolution of community management in 2023

Whether community management is not ready to disappear, the practice will evolve on the other hand towards new specificities. This is partly due to emerging technologies that will shake up the practices of community managers currently in post, and those who will arrive on the market.

We thus think of virtual reality, augmented reality and the Metaverse which will be a converging point of these technologies. If virtual reality will be at the heart of the metaverse, it will undoubtedly leave its true mark in the decade to come. Facebook Meta is actually recording financial losses and its investors are not reassured about the future of the firm.

In the midst of all this, the requirements are getting tougher, the competition is gradually catching up and visibility is an objective that presents real difficulties for companies seeking to achieve it on the web. We can thus observe that over the years, community management becomes difficult to practice.

The evolution of community management

community management had its heyday, but it was short-lived. With on the one hand companies that did not understand its role, and on the other a period of adaptation which saw the profession surge within all the structures present online, or almost.

Remember that community management is there to gain visibility for a company, a brand or any structure present online. It is up to the community manager to manage the online presence through social networks. His role is multiple, but he mainly focuses on creating and sharing content, while working community engagement. He must encourage the members of his communities to interact with the company’s content.

The CM also has the role of implementing actions to work on this commitment. He will be taken to create contests, manage physical and/or online events that will allow him to meet members of his community and many other actions to be developed to achieve objectives. and visibility but also of image and notoriety.

Community management in 2023: what is the program?

The year 2023 will be a transitional year for CM training centers notably. They will have to anticipate the arrival of new technologies on the one hand, but also on the priorities with regard to the expectations of companies. The idea remains train community managers which must be fully operational.

Community management 2023,Community manager 2023

The major difficulty being to keep a program of community management training over a predefined number of hours, hence the interest of offering specialties to cover all the needs of companies.

Digital marketing, online advertising and web referencing

Faced with the growing difficulty of gaining visibility, many companies will resort to online advertising and to experts. The latter being more specialized in digital marketing and SEO levers; SEO, SEA, SMO etc. The goal is to combine paid actions and work on their organic traffic, to benefit from a better positioning on search engines, in particular Google.

There will therefore be a clear interest in training community managers on the levers of digital marketing and strengthen what relates to SEO to optimize editorial content. The areas to work on and on which the CM will have to improve will be online advertising, the use of marketing automation toolsweb writing and see if the centers can offer additional modules.

Learn about new technologies and the Metaverse

Finally, the programs will be able to address the initiation of new technologies and what they will imply in terms of community management. One of the big topics will be moderation of behavior more than that of content over time, if the Metaverse were to prevail.

Community manager and Metaverse changes

The different forms of virtual and augmented reality require that we take an interest in them, because social networks will undoubtedly have cards to play in these universes. artificial intelligence is growing and evolving, and a large part of the new technologies make use of it, so addressing it will at least provide some language elements. Just as it is good not to be devoid of vocabulary and knowledge in modern companies.

Finally on the technological side, it will not be useful to bet fully on the Metaverse map by 2023, simply because it involves a lot of things. A mass migration of users, other companies investing in related technologies and a Waow effect! which concludes on the reals benefits and interests of metaverses etc

The Metaverse may be tomorrow, but in 3, 5 or 10 years. Wait & See!

Influencer marketing and influencers

Another aspect to highlight in community management is influencer marketing. Community managers will also have to work on this marketing lever and use tools to find the right profiles in the context ofcommunication operations.

By working on the search for influencers, the CM will be able to maintain a portfolio of profiles, in order to call on them when campaigns are launched. It can be a product or service to promote, see a change of direction, content to viralize, etc.

social media influencers

Influencer marketing continues to evolve and rules are being introduced little by little, such as the certificate of influence put forward by theARPP (The Professional Advertising Regulatory Authority). Influencers will have to be more and more transparent, and companies will have to give in to hidden advertising in the face of growing ethics.

In the state it will be necessary to rely on this lever that is influence marketing, and to consider it fully as an advertising axis.

The skills of the future community manager

In 2023 we will increasingly have to make choices of profiles that have added value. Creativity, originality and the creation of specific content via current platforms, such as TikTok, will be preferred. Which means that the video will still be in the spotlight!

It will therefore be necessary to master all that is video montage and the effects that make it possible to emerge on platforms like TiktTok, Instagram but also YouTube which is still a safe bet. The community manager will gradually be more involved in the creation of content upstream of the relays they provide on the networks.

Skills around video will therefore become essential, such as those related to photo editing, which allows you to create stories. They are shared on all social networks to date, and not just Instagram. There is also creating carousels that we find more and more on LinkedIn and that can show originality when they are well put together and chartered.

There is still content to promote better: infographics! It is visual content that is consumed very quickly by users. In addition, it has many advantages such as the virality it generates when shared and also the authority it allows to gain when blogs use them to illustrate comments. A link that points to the article where your infographic is, will thus offer you better referencing.

Consolidate your skills, acquiring new ones to master its contours and gain expertise will be the objectives of the community manager in 2023. If the profile is very generalist and jack-of-all-trades, it would be interesting to seek a specialization among those sought; SEO, content creation and professional video editing.

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The evolution of community management in 2023

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