The automotive novelties of CES 2023 –

From January 5 to 8, was held in Las Vegas, the 2023 edition of the essential THOSE (Consumer Electronics Show). On the program: health and connected home, virtual reality, inclusive cosmetics and, above all, futuristic cars. This year thecar occupied a very special place with the presentation of connected vehicles.

the THOSE is no longer just the world’s largest tech trade show, it is also the new great mass of the automobile of the future. For 4 days, nearly 300 car exhibitors were present. It is now an obligatory meeting place for players in the sector, in addition to the world auto show, in order to present new products and automotive technology of tomorrow. Once again, the 2023 edition was marked by theelectrification of the automotive market.

The cars of the future

The model that changes color

BMW unveiled the iVision Dee sedan capable of changing colors. In total, 32 are available. This visionary model also makes it possible to display information and data across the full width of the windshield.

Record autonomy

volkswagen presented its latest model of electric carnamed theID.7. The first German brand electric sedan displays a unprecedented autonomy of 700 km and completes its all-electric range. By 2026, the brand plans to launch at least 10 new electric models.

The car without a steering wheel

Peugeot presented its new concept, Inception. To further establish its leading position in the electric car marketthe lion brand unveiled a large sedan with a clean design. Beyond its spectacular appearance, Inception has no steering wheel. The latter has been replaced by a rectangle similar to a huge controller.

The birth of a brand

electronics giant, sonyand the constructor Honda announced the creation of their car brand Afeela. The two multinationals have indicated the release of a “zero emission” vehicle for the year 2025. The prototype will be lined with 45 sensors inside and outside, dedicated to driving assistance or even semi-automatic piloting.

The connected car

futuristic dashboard

Vehicles are no longer just a means of transport, like the mobile, which has become a veritable small object of technology. Tomorrow the cars will be ultra-connected.

Stellantis software

The group Stellantis announced its desire to create a department entirely dedicated to the development of softwarebaptized Mobilisight. The car giant wants to improve its profitability. By integrating software into its vehicles, Stellantis aims toexploit the data harvested and distribute them to various customers, including other Car manufacturers.

The GAFAs on the attack

Conversely, the brand Volvo displayed, during the CES, its intention to rely on Google for’integration of software within its models. The main objective is to allow conductors to directly connect their car to their smartphone, and this, in a more advanced way than what is done today. Other GAFAs are also setting out to conquer this market, including Amazon.

The bikes made their show

Some equipment manufacturers have presented new innovations around another type of two-wheeler: the bicycles.

Valeo has also distinguished itself through its electric assist solution for bicycles, Valeo Cyclee by postponing the innovation award at CES 2023. This solution is composed of an automatic gearbox as well as a control screen positioned on the bicycle handlebar.

The CES was thus an opportunity for different brands to reveal their new bike models. Vinfastthe Vietnamese manufacturer of electric vehicles presented, in addition to its models SUVits new range of electric bikes.

For its first participation in CES, Yaeda, a leading brand in the sector, has revealed a range of new two-wheelers. The brand wants to revolutionize the cycling experience, with one of its models, the Trooper 01, which looks like a motorcycle. The company wants to offer its users the ideal transport with the necessary comfort and safety.

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The automotive novelties of CES 2023 –

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