The 2023 sex trends have been revealed: here’s what awaits you under the duvet

The Christmas holidays are the perfect time to get together with family, spend time with your children, or grandchildren. It is obviously a big pleasurebut we sometimes tend during this period to put our couple and their sex life on break. Lovehoneyan online store specializing in the sale of lingerie, sex toys and erotic gifts reveals sexual tendencies for 2023. Everything you need to start the year 2023 under the duvet with your partner!

Awareness of self and others, the trends of 2023

The opening and the dialogue are the key words for 2023. The feminist and LGBT movements have done a great job in recent years to break down taboos. Our body should no longer be a sensitive subject. sexuality and the female pleasure, masturbation or menstruation are now topics of discussion within the couple. The best way to take pleasure and give it is to know how to talk about it with your partner. Communication on our wants and needs leads to healthier and more fulfilling relationships. So in 2023 we have to communicate!

know the other and knowing yourself is also one of the objectives for 2023. No more furtive meetings, no more multiplication of partners in a frantic search for multiplication of experiences. It’s time to look for partners and quality relationships. Fewer performance-based casual encounters, less consumption. And more time given to the relationship. Enjoying the journey rather than searching for the destination at all costs. Knowing how to be in the moment in a full sexual awarenesshere is a trend for 2023.

In the same spirit, 2023 will be the year of intentional encounters and not occasionally. Two years of estrangement and isolation have turned dating culture upside down. Singles seem more interested in dating with meaning. The search for a emotional connection goes through deeper discussions, and deeper conversations. Take your time, get to know the other, their desires, their desires in order to guarantee a better sexual compatibility. The dating app feeld put on top, users are indeed invited to openly share their tastes and preferences from the start.

Discover unexplored parts of your body

A part of the body still remains taboo in many people: the buttocks. As for any act involving the body, it is of course necessary to speak about it before and to establish a consent clear, his own and that of his or her partner. But once this step is over, we invite you to explore this part of the body sometimes left aside. Out of fear, out of disgust, there are many reasons to say no, but if you are curious, the anus can be a pleasant playground for both men and women. The prostate is a erogenous zone ignored (4 out of 5 men are unaware that it is a pleasure zone), 2023 seems to be the right time to start discovering this part of your body.

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Technology as an ally of our sex life

Everyone knows the sex toys, they have invaded the bedrooms of the French over the last decade. the cyber sex and virtual experiences have also made their appearance during the pandemic. But the technology is far from having finished surprising us. Who has ever had a relationship with a sex robot? 36% of people would be curious enough to try. Technology offers completely virtual experiences, but nothing replaces human heat. That’s why brands offer us mixed experiences, using technology to spice up our sex life. Toys that can be controlled remotely by his or her partner help bridge the distance by combining physical pleasure and technology, for example.

And for the most fanatical technology of us, 2023 will be the year of Metaverse. This entirely digital and entirely new second world. A virtual reality world, or headset augmented reality, connected a sex-toy for example, or connected to our partner who is at a distance and thus allowing us to feel his caresses and movements, here is what the near future has in store for us. In addition to the sexual experience itself, the metaverse, its anonymity and its discretion will also be good ways to be able to speak freely, or to take sex education courses. A whole new world awaits us in 2023, for our greatest pleasure.

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The 2023 sex trends have been revealed: here’s what awaits you under the duvet

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