Team building in virtual reality: a powerful and effective marketing lever

the team-building (for team building in French) is a day during which all employees of the same company will meet to share various activities together. These are mainly collective activities oriented towards personal development, the objective and strengthen the bonds between colleagues and nurture team spirit. Did you know that it is now possible to organize Team building in virtual reality? We explain everything to you in our article.

Maintain group cohesion through team buildings

The concept of Team building made its appearance in the 1980s with the aim of keeping the bonds of employees united around a group activity. In addition to emphasizing conviviality, Team building strongly contributes to theimproved communication between employees. Thus, this concept will make it possible to neutralize any conflict and promote well-being at work while stimulating motivation. Team buildings can be organized in different ways: in the form of sports activities, role-playing games, cooking workshops, travel, a relaxing outing such as an escape game or a simple brunch at the restaurant.

Team Building in Virtual Reality: a new format to better experience confinement

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The helmet is the fundamental equipment of Team building in virtual reality

With the Covid-19 pandemic, many companies have had to reinvent themselves to deal with the crisis and avoid as much damage as possible. Many employees have been forced to work abroad, which was not easy. Indeed, with the teleworking and confinements repeatedly, employees have been cut off from the business world, which has not been without moral consequences when we know that work makes it possible to have a active social life. As Jean-Claude Delgènes, president of Technologia, explains, “a major drawback is the loss of social ties. Work remains the first socialization vector and belonging to society. Second aspect: the loss of creativity, the loss of collective intelligence, everything that is informal”. Going from a professional environment rich in interactions to that of teleworking is a situation that is very often badly experienced by employees. It is for this reason thatit is essential to build a solid internal communication and to strengthen the group spirit. It is in this complicated context that remote team buildings take on their full meaning.

Virtual reality: a serious asset for digital marketing

When we talk about VR, we immediately think of the world of gaming, futuristic experiences and unusual, while this specialty operates in several areas. With l’evolution of new technologies, virtual reality has gained more and more momentum in the business world. It has even become essential for large groups wishing to develop their activities. Indeed, it is used a lot in brand marketing, to present new products. The HR department very often uses it during recruitment to immerse the candidate in the universe of the position for which he is applying, for example. It is also very useful in training. Although virtual reality was initially used for leisure, today it is ubiquitous in the professional context. There is no doubt that remote work has greatly contributed to digitizing corporate communication, thus giving rise to new forms of interaction.

Team building in virtual reality for happy employees at work

Managing a team and strengthening the bonds between office workers is not an easy thing and the task is all the more complicated when it comes to doing it for teams working remotely. In effect, lack of closeness will impact the human relations which will be more fragile, hence the interest ofmaintain ties. Team building in virtual reality is a very powerful marketing lever to create synergies within the group. These remote Teams building are becoming more and more democratized in various sectors.

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Team building in virtual reality: a powerful and effective marketing lever

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