TCL presents NXTWEAR S and RayNeo X2 its innovative augmented reality glasses

TCL, a pioneering brand in display technology, showcased its RayNeo X2 augmented reality (AR) smart glasses and the NXTWEAR S at CES 2023, held in the city of Las Vegas, Nevada, from May 5 to January 8.

RayNeo X2

These binocular glasses include micro-leds with AR waveguide that incorporate a series of new interactive features to create augmented reality experiences. These will be the first lenses in the world to feature a full color binocular AR Micro-led waveguide display.


In the test we did we saw some of its functions such as being able to use them in hands-free mode, take photos, videos or time-lapse through an interface that emulates floating in three dimensions and we have even been able to listen to music thanks to its small speakers placed on the sides. The function that surprised us the most was the real-time translation, with this one of the developers started talking to us in Chinese and in real time we saw how he was doing the translation in the form of subtitles English. All these functions will be supported by the smartphone we have, in particular to be able to view the content that we have captured in the same way as with the Ray-Ban Stories on Facebook.

Technically, these glasses have a high contrast ratio (CR) of up to 100,000:1 and an image brightness of up to 1,000 nits, allowing the interface to be perceived well both indoors and outdoors. ‘outside. Inside they carry a Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2, which will even enable a smart GPS navigation system that will use simultaneous location and mapping, as well as gesture recognition. Reference points are marked on the map

Other features they will have are image stabilization, night mode, whisper mode which will prevent sound leaks when talking to someone, among others. TCL RayNeo will launch a development project in the first quarter of 2023 and the most innovative developers will be invited to join in the creation of creative functions with augmented reality.


Currently only available in the US market, these wearable glasses are equipped with a screen as well as an integrated audio system. With these, it’s like seeing a high-definition screen equivalent to 130 inches from four meters away.

Inside, it has two next-gen 1080p OLED micro panels and noise cancellation mode.

Ideal for Steam Deck

In the demo they did for us, they connected a Steam Deck to it via the USB-C port and the experience was extraordinary and immersive. This way of using them can undoubtedly be a great alternative for users of the Valve platform, since it takes the console to another level, since the sharpness provided by these glasses exploits the qualities of the laptop very well .

TCL presents NXTWEAR S and RayNeo X2 its innovative augmented reality glasses

TCL RayNeo X2 will be available to the developer community in select regions in late Q1 2023. TCL NXTWEAR S will go on sale in the US in Q1 2023 with a suggested retail price of $399.

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TCL presents NXTWEAR S and RayNeo X2 its innovative augmented reality glasses

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