Take part in the “Ready Developer One” Hackathon, develop a game in Laval and leave with a Hololens 2

A hackathon: what is it?

We talk to you about hackathon, but what is it exactly? A hackathon is the mixture of two words: hackers and marathon.

First, we have the Hackers.

First, we have the Hackers. They are hackers as we like to call them. Indeed, when we talk about hackers, it’s rarely with a good image. Yet in games they are nice hackers: they will use their skills for a good cause. Hackers in companies, for example, identify flaws and try to find solutions quickly. They are lively, clever and proactive people, for whom problem solving is a source of motivation.

Second, we have the word marathon.

You necessarily know this Olympic discipline since 1896, born of the Greek Empire and the famous Philippides who traveled 42 kilometers to Athens to deliver a message, that of the victory of a battle against the Persians. Arrived exhausted, he would have died just after… sad end. However, he gave birth to the word marathon where effort management is central. Hackers (problem solving) + Marathon (effort management) = HACKATHON

The Ready Developer One will be held from May 13 to 15, 2022 at the Laval Virtual Center, stronghold of virtual reality in France.

44 hours: The Ready Developer One consists of a 44-hour game jam or hackathon during which you will have to develop the best game (HoloLens, VR headset, XBox, Smartphone, etc.) on a theme defined jointly by the ETR teams, Laval Virtual and Microsoft. Teamwork: This hackathon is done in teams of 3 to 5. Whether you are professionals or amateurs, you are all expected in the arena! Microsoft Azure: A technical introduction to Playfab will be offered to you before the challenge and will be part of the prerequisites for this event

A great way to prototype a game on HoloLens, VR Headset, XBox, Smartphone…

ONE event to follow live: This event will also be an opportunity for Laval Virtual to organize a streaming marathon broadcast on Twitch. With the program: tests of hardware, VR application, interviews and lots of surprises! As well as a prize pool associated with great challenges for streamers that will go directly to the winners!

Link to twitch: ETR_en – Twitch

Great rewards for participants! At the end of these 44 hours, the participants will present their application to a jury of experts who, after having tested the projects, will deliberate and designate the winning team. The winners will leave with: ● The revenue generated by the registrations will be entirely donated to the winning team ● 100% of the pot generated via the stream ● A personalized coaching session by a Microsoft gaming expert ● Interview of the winning team and highlighted on Microsoft social networks ● A Hololens 2 headset Getting to the Laval Virtual Center:

Laval Virtual Center – Google Maps

Learn more and register: Ready Developer One (ready-developer.one)

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Take part in the “Ready Developer One” Hackathon, develop a game in Laval and leave with a Hololens 2

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