State of the Game roundup with all the news and trailers: PlayStation redeems itself in style. – Chatborgne

Announcements such as Resident Evil 4 Remake or Final Fantasy XVI have a spectacular event in store for us.

If disappointment was the general feeling at the last State of Play, today’s was one of those events worth losing hours of sleep over. From the first minute, we were treated to big announcements, trailers and surprises that portend a very promising future for any video game enthusiast. The excitement is justified.

To announce the remake of Resident Evil 4 from the outset is to embark on the adventure from the first second.Kick off an event like this with an announcement like the one made at Resident Evil 4 Remake is to launch from the first second; but accompanying the news with a release date was the best complement imaginable. Not only that. Capcom has confirmed that the return of the brilliant action-horror game developed by Shinji Mikami will offer content designed to take advantage of virtual reality technology, which is curious considering that just a few months ago we were able to enjoy the interesting virtual reality adaptation of RE4.

But getting off to a flying start isn’t always a guarantee that the event will live up to fan expectations, as we’ve unfortunately seen on more than one occasion. However, this state of mind has never lost its vigor. Because in the wake of RE4 Remake came confirmation that Resident Evil Village will have a VR version on PS VR2, then the Horizon game for PlayStation VR glasses was also presented, with very high level graphics.

While the event was intended to showcase the future of the PS5 and PS VR2, the PC gamers had their own surprise… in part, because the possibility of another of PlayStation’s big exclusives coming to PC has been rumored for some time. The latest to join the PC range? Both Marvel’s Spider-Man and Miles Morales, which have been revealed on PC with a release date. That’s no small feat considering both Insomniac titles have already sold out. over 30 million games in the whole world.

Another game that made waves at State of Play was the terrifying The Callisto Protocol, the new game from one of the fathers of Dead Space, which is every bit as brutal, gory, and disturbing as you can imagine. And the best part is that this survival horror already has a release date – later this year! Other news? Games like No Man’s Sky have been confirmed for PS VR2, while the eye-catching Stray has a firm release date and a date for inclusion in the new PS Plus’ advanced tiers.

State of Play’s latest surprises

About to put an end to this new inventory, Capcom has once again made its presence felt with another of its most anticipated games. Street Fighter 6 was one of the highlights of the event with a spectacular trailer that showed us some of the fighters present in this fighting game, its new lobby with open scenarios that will allow us to interact with d other players, and a launch window: the year 2023.

State of the Game roundup with all the news and trailers: PlayStation redeems itself in style.

And to end the event, after several trailers of other very interesting indie games, Square-Enix crowned itself with an impressive trailer for Final Fantasy XVI. It features a spectacular combat system that, when seen in action, clearly shows why the Devil May Cry 5 combat designer was brought in. The summon was also featured prominently in the FF16 trailer, with some video cutscenes to give context to the war-torn fantasy world.

And to end the event, a breathtaking Final Fantasy XVI trailer.Compared to the previous State of Play, which made us wonder if it was worth following more such events in the future, this PlayStation event was one of the best we can remember. There were many announcements, the conference was well paced and included trailers to see the games in action. That’s all you can ask for, right? If you weren’t able to follow the event live, here are some of the highlights of the event.

State of the Game roundup with all the news and trailers: PlayStation redeems itself in style.

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State of the Game roundup with all the news and trailers: PlayStation redeems itself in style. – Chatborgne

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