Soundtracks of Xbox games to relax? The surprising alliance of Microsoft and Calm

The meditation and relaxation application for sleeping, Calm, will see two relaxing soundtracks taken from the sound universe of Xbox games arrive in its library.

A partnership as original as it is interesting. Users of the paid versions of Calm will be able to relax to the rhythm of the sounds of the games Xbox Sea of ​​Thieves and Halo Infinite. This initiative is part of a larger Microsoft plan focused on gamer mental health.

The song of the aliens

If many focus, rightly, on the music of video games, we regularly forget the other important work of the studios: sound design, that is to say the work on the sound environment. Wind, stream noises, birdsong, twisting wood… These sounds bring the game to life, but also help to reinforce the immersion of the person holding the controller.

People subscribing to the Premium version of the Calm application (€69.99 per year or €400 for life) will therefore be able to relax or even fall asleep to the ambient sounds of two big Xbox games (including the price will not increase, unlike the next Xbox titles): Halo Infinite and Sea of ​​Thieves. One features the sound of wind in the pines and ships passing high above the player. The other offers the sound of waves crashing against the hull of a boat, the cry of seagulls or the sound of sails taking the wind and inflating.

Microsoft has implemented a program focused around the mental health of its players on Xbox. ©Xbox

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers can get three months free on the app and 50% off their first year of membership.

Improve mental health

This partnership between Microsoft and Calm is part of a larger project by the American tech giant. It has in fact set up a mental health awareness system. According to a survey commissioned by Xbox among gamers, 54% of them play to reduce their stress. But sometimes it’s not enough, or not all games are suitable. Relaxing outside of gaming sessions, while remaining connected to the imaginary worlds that we appreciate, is a solution to improve our mental health according to the firm.

It is also possible, for Microsoft Rewards members, to obtain points with each purchase on Xbox consoles and donate them to an association specializing in mental health from a selection made by the company. Even more surprisingly, the Microsoft teams have also concocted a list of games for “rest and recharge the batteries”. We find in this list of real games known for their softness such as Unpacking, Stardew Valley Where Disney Dreamlight Valley. But it is more difficult to understand the presence of Personas 5which has many trigger warning about suicide or sexual assault, or about Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice. The latter takes the player on a journey to the Viking hell and tackles the subject of psychosis, offering nightmare visions to its protagonist… Not sure if this is the best game for relaxing, but why not.

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Soundtracks of Xbox games to relax? The surprising alliance of Microsoft and Calm

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