Soon an urban escape game to discover the riches of Calais

Sander Vande Candelaere is developing an escape game across Calais. Players will lead the investigation from one tourist and heritage point of interest to another.

Sander Vande Candelaere never stops innovating. The 23-year-old entrepreneur made himself known with the Dragon’s Treasure, an escape game of several rooms deployed over 70 square meters at 36 rue Charost (opposite the Collège République).

It also offers, at the same address, a dedicated room to virtual reality with two adventures to choose from.

In a very modest-looking room, but stuffed with sensors and cameras, players equipped with headsets and joysticks wander around in a huge space station at several levels, with a view to resolving a delicate and potentially dangerous situation.

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The effects are striking. By vibrating according to various intensities, the ground restores the sensations of moving in an elevator or of position on a platform to be directed above the void. And we can tell you that you’ve never seen the sun so close.

If the Treasure of the Dragon was imagined, scripted and designed by Sander Vande Candelaere, his two virtual reality games are external creations but from which he acquired exclusive exploitation rights for the region.

“My goal is to have the game ready for next summer”

The next game by Norden Escape will not make use of these artifices, since it will take place in the real conditions of the streets of Calais.

“It’s an urban escape game, or rather a game that allows you to visit the city in a dynamic and fun way through puzzles” explains the designer.

Norden Escape will make available smartphone gamerswhich will allow him to animate the game remotely.

The local heritage… but also the shops

The young entrepreneur wishes to associate local merchants, “but also artisans, as long as the activity is linked to a local specialty or more generally to the culture of Calais. »

The course of the game will eventually be able to pass the players by associated businesses.

The target audience is very broad: “I’m thinking of tourists, of course, of escape game enthusiasts, but also of residents who want to experience it to see their city differently, and it can also be an activity for leisure centres. I will adapt the puzzles to various audiences, depending on the challenge they want to face. »

Sander Vande Candelaere will do the first tests in two months. Volunteers can already make themselves known to Norden Escape, “my goal is to have the game ready for next summer. »

At the same time, he is refining the sequel to Le Trésor du Dragon. The Vikings who knew well the church of the first part will be surprised…

Contact: Norden Escape, 06 66 39 74 95,

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Soon an urban escape game to discover the riches of Calais

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