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This Saturday, December 17 will be an important moment for sport in virtual reality as well as for French Table Tennis with the launch of the first French VR Championships. A first edition is the result of a joint organization at the service of this new practice.

Co-organized with the Pays de la Loire Table Tennis League, the Loire-Atlantique Committee, the CREPS of Pays de la Loire and the National Sport Innovations Resource Center of the Ministry of Sport and JOP, the first edition of the French Championships de PingVR will take place in Nantes on December 17 and 18. So many structures fully involved to make this event a complete success.

Because if it is a historic weekend during which the first title of PingVR French Champion will be awarded. it is above all a question of bringing together, for a weekend, the best French players, of introducing as many people as possible to this new practice, of sharing with conviviality this passion which animates more than 7000 French people and of making the link between real and virtual!

Come to Nantes this weekend to attend this first unique and innovative competition and discover VR Table Tennis. You can pre-register for this event by clicking the button below. Admission is free for all.


A unique experience with multiple objectives that drive all the organizers:

Gilles ERB, President of the French Table Tennis Federation:

“It is a great pride for our federation to organize these first French Ping Championships in virtual reality in Nantes. This is a major innovation that places the FFTT among the leading federations on the metasport market. The challenge is all the greater as this new mode of practice is set to develop strongly in the coming years.

The FFTT intends to develop and promote PingVR, which does not only appeal to young people, with the help of leagues, committees and clubs. Indeed, this practice is accessible to all profiles, all ages, men and women, able-bodied and disabled, in all physical conditions. It allows you to play anywhere, anytime, with whoever you want!

This meeting of the future will be original, because for two days it will bring together the players in the CREPS room in Nantes and spectators who will be able to thrill to the exploits of the participants by visualizing both the real physical commitment of the athletes but also, on a screen, the virtual match thus also combining reality and the virtual. So who will be the first French PingVR champion? It will also be an opportunity to test this practice of the future and live the experience of Ping in virtual reality. Watch out for the Wow effect! »

Jean-René Chevalier, President of the Pays de la Loire League:

“Virtual reality represents, like other forms of Table Tennis practice, an opportunity to interest new audiences. In the continuity of the dynamic initiated by the Federation, the Pays de la Loire wish to contribute and allow our sport to benefit from increasing visibility. After the French Senior Championships organized last June at Vendéspace, our region is happy to welcome this first edition of the French Championships in virtual reality, recognized by the Ministry of Sports, which will lead to the victory of the first French Tennis Champion. of Table VR of history.

This event organized at CREPS des Pays de la Loire is an opportunity for anyone curious to come and discover this practice and test virtual reality headsets. For this first real gathering of virtual reality players, the League and the Loire-Atlantique Committee have joined forces with the Federation to help organize and promote this unique competition, which we hope will be a precursor.

I would like to thank all the actors involved in the event and to wish a lot of fun to the public as well as to all the participants. »

Sonia Prodhomme President of the Loire-Atlantique Departmental Committee:

“That the 1st French Table Tennis Championships in virtual reality are organized in Nantes, the Loire Atlantique Table Tennis Committee could not refuse such an opportunity to be associated with this event. We are committed to ensuring that these French Championships are a success and the first in a long series…

A real challenge to set up such a competition and to discover a new practice! This is a great opportunity to innovate in our sport, to attract young and old and thus to expand the Ping community by using new technologies. Moreover, the Committee, at its level, is convinced by the potential of PingVR and has acquired several headsets to make them available to its clubs and thus offer an innovative activity which further energizes a department, already on the ground. of table tennis players.

We can only wish good luck to all the participants who will face each other in a competition, hitherto never attempted. This will be observed well beyond our borders. Long and beautiful life at the French PingVR Championships! »

Aude REYGADE, director of CREPS Pays de la Loire:

“It is a real pleasure for CREPS des Pays de la Loire to host the first French Ping VR Championships on December 17 and 18, 2022.

Thank you to the French Table Tennis Federation for choosing the brand new premises of our establishment for this new sporting discipline. This event is perfectly in line with CREPS’ dynamic innovation centered on virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR). We were able to present this new sport during the first VR/AR and sport days of CREPS Pays de la Loire on October 7th and 8th.

Good championship to the best French people and welcome to the public to support them, but also to discover and practice Ping VR! »

Gérard BAUDRY, head of the National Sport Innovations Resources Division:

“The Pôle Ressources National Sport Innovations (PRNSI), a structure of the Ministry of Sports located in the CREPS of Pays de la Loire, is happy to contribute to this organization. These PingVR championships are a national first since the players had not yet competed face-to-face on Eleven Table Tennis.

Congratulations to the French Table Tennis Federation which is one of the first federations recognized by the Ministry of Sports for an E-discipline. Thank you to the PingVR Eleven community for its valuable contribution to the technical organization of this unprecedented event.

May the best win and the public learn to develop this new sport! »

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See you on Saturday!

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