Rockstar brings VR to Red Dead Redemption 2

The reputation of Rockstar studios is clearly second to none with the millions of gamers accustomed to the video game industry across the planet. With flagship opuses like GTA or Red Dead Redemption, Rockstar also stands out with extremely meticulous and not to say enigmatic communication. The cadence is also far from this than other flagship studios like EA or Ubisoft can offer globally. With the American studio, the opuses do not follow one another and it is sometimes necessary to wait several years to celebrate the release of a new creation. Thus, the company has specialized in remastering games, as recently with GTA on the new PlayStation 5, but does not let its most loyal players down. As proof, virtual reality is becoming more and more popular in the world of video games and with exceptional potential, Rockstar didn’t hesitate when integrating it into an update for its Red Dead Redemption game.

An outstanding game, almost unsurprisingly coming from Rockstar

Released in November 2018, the game is four years later still an ultimate benchmark in open-world action-adventure gaming. Started in 2010, the project was as always with Rockstar, made to last. This was the case and today, many players continue to trust the servers of the game in question. With RDR II, Rockstar did what the New York studio knows how to do best by working on the smallest detail, tying up a scenario for which superlatives will always be lacking. An additional reason for many players to take the plunge again and restart the game. It may be necessary to dive back into the rules of poker for a return to this successful game.

Naturally, if this activity has become very popular lately on platforms like PokerStars, it also saw renewed interest thanks to Red Dead Redemption where this historical activity could be played in a realistic way. This was already proof of a major evolution of this card game, also observed on Internet platforms as just mentioned. Before going online or offline in virtual reality, it is therefore perhaps interesting to remember what a straight flush is.

VR mode

As mentioned above, Rockstar does not abandon its most loyal players and systematically updates its opuses. Whether it’s through an exceptional online mode like for GTA or the integration of innovation like virtual reality with Red Dead Redemptionthe studio is rarely wrong. By embodying the central character, Arthur Morgan, in first person, realism reaches paroxysm. Already sparkling in the usual fashion on console or PC, this screwed-on possibility of a VR headset puts this game even further to the top of the pile. This is a new game mode that once again urges users to be patient for the future. With Rockstar, you better be…

What is Rockstar preparing for the sequel?

Logically, GTA and Red Dead Redemption are the two games the brand’s most popular and those demanding the most work from Rockstar’s many global and mostly North American studios. If other more modest opuses could be released next year with, in particular, an expected remake for the latest generation console with Max Payne 1 and 2, hopes are mainly riveted on GTA 6, whose rumors have been feeding the web for several years. However, true to its reputation, Rockstar leaves nothing to show and only simple assumptions continue to mark the future of the game and its potential release.

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Rockstar brings VR to Red Dead Redemption 2

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