RealityOS trademark is a new clue to Apple’s AR/VR headset

arkit augmented reality apple iconA few months ago, we reported several references to a platform called “RealityOS” in the App Store logs. An additional element that corroborated the multiple rumors that Apple would work on a first mixed reality headset. Today, thanks to the “RealityOS” trademark filing, we have an additional clue about Apple’s infamous AR/VR headset.

A trademark registration by an unknown company

As Parker Ortolani discovered, an unknown company called Realityo Systems LLC has registered the “RealityOS” trademark with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). The trademark was filed on December 8, 2021 for categories such as “peripherals”, “software” and, above all, “portable computing equipment”. If, at first glance, one can think of any company, a body of evidence points to the Cupertino company.

As you probably know, Apple and the Cult of Secrecy could have made a very good thriller title. The company led by Tim Cook for ten years now has always tried to keep its projects secret. This involves dividing teams into units that are blind to false information, through the creation of front companies to cover their tracks when filing trademarks and patents. This is how the company registers the trademarks of macOS in advance with the company “Yosemite Research LLC”.

Precisely, the latter is registered at the exact same address as “Realityo Systems LLC”, which refers to “Corporation Trust Center” – a real company that provides branded services of which Apple is a client.

Better, Ortolani quickly had responses on Twitter with a user who found an identical deposit in Uganda, and another in Uruguay. There is even a trace of “Realityo Systems LLC” in Brazil. Some of them have logos using the typeface created by Apple, the san francisco. And if that wasn’t enough, the RealityOS brand has the June 8, 2022 as the deadline for “international filing” with the USPTO, which is two days after the upcoming WWDC 22.

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What is RealityOS?

RealityOS is likely the name of Apple’s new operating system created for the company’s upcoming AR/VR devices. Apple is rumored to be working on two new devices – a pair of Apple Glass and a mixed reality headset.

“realityOS” or “rOS” was accidentally referenced by Apple in app store update logs earlier this year. The first appearance of ros was first reported by Bloomberg in 2017 with the internal codename “Oak”.

Although the Apple Glass project is still in development, a recent report revealed that Apple executives recently demonstrated the new AR/VR headset to the company’s board of directors. This suggests the product could be announced as early as WWDC 2022 next week.

The helmet will have two screens 4K micro OLEDof 14 cameraspowerful processors equivalent to M1 series chips, eye tracking capabilities, support for hand gestures, spatial sound and other features. At launch, the headset is expected to cost at least 2000 dollarswith some even betting on $3,000.

Answer on June 6 at 7 p.m. during the opening keynote !

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RealityOS trademark is a new clue to Apple’s AR/VR headset

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