PS5: A PlayStation exclusive back thanks to PS VR 2?

Game News PS5: A PlayStation exclusive back thanks to PS VR 2?

As we get closer to the month of June and the publisher events, the rumors are growing and the latest to date could well put a smile on the face of PlayStation and FPS enthusiasts. Indeed, a major franchise of the brand is on the way to returning thanks to Sony’s future virtual reality headset, the PS VR 2! If we tell you a piercing reddish look and an apocalypse trend combination, does that speak to you?

For all those who experienced it, E3 2005 will remain a highlight with the presentation of the PlayStation 3 accompanied by a jaw-dropping 2-minute demonstration. If this target render was remembered because it presented a glimpse of Killzone 2the sequel to the eponymous title released on PlayStation 2. While Sony proudly announced that the sequence was in real time, the developers of Guerrilla Games were liquefied. And for good reason, in reality, Killzone 2 was originally planned for PlayStation 2. To give an idea of ​​the direction to follow, the studio worked on an internal use video for almost 8 months and it was not not originally intended to release this video publicly. As Sony had to hit hard at E3, they convinced Guerrilla to present this famous video, but they did not expect Sony’s communication to state that it was an “ingame” sequence in real time. In truth, at the time, Guerrilla had just received the PS3 development kits.

Killzone, soon to return to the PS VR 2 of the PS5

This episode deeply marked the video game industry and gamers at the time, but we must recognize that Killzone 2, in its final form, was a great technological showcase for the PlayStation 3, in addition to being an FPS incredibly immersive and successful. The saga then continued on its merry way, both on a home machine, but also on a portable console, and we could legitimately think that it would come back one day or another. Guerrilla Games are part of PlayStation’s flagship studios and they’re of course focused on their new hit franchise, Horizon, but it looks like they’re working on a virtual reality adaptation of Killzone. In any case, this is what has been whispering for a few days and it could even be that this Killzone VR is on the program for the next State of Play this Thursday, June 2. A priori, the Supermassive Games studio had recovered the license a few years ago with a view to a VR adaptation for the first PS VR of the name, but the development would not have been to the taste of Guerrilla Games who decided to regain control.

We are now talking about this Killzone VR as a possible launch title for PS VR 2. We will quickly be fixed, there are only a few days left before the broadcast of this State of Play which should last around half an hour, with a PS5/PS VR 2 focus!

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PS5: A PlayStation exclusive back thanks to PS VR 2?

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