Protocol 223, game between laser game and virtual reality, star of VR Game in Saleilles

Want to get away for an hour? Choose the virtual world of Protocol 223, the new virtual reality game offered at VR Side, the virtual reality part of the Game Side complex in Saleilles in the Pyrénées-Orientales. A game that is only offered in Montpellier and in the P.-O.

Once harnessed, you inevitably look a little clumsy. To play Protocol 223, a laser tag game in virtual reality, in addition to the headset, you must put on a real suit that captures all your movements. Gloves for the hands, leggings for movement and movement of the knees and sleeves for the arms. Not to mention the laptop in the backpack. A heavy equipment to allow you to play the complete immersion in a virtual reality game very close to a laser game but in a futuristic world. For Léo Carral, one of the founders and creator of VR Side, a platform installed on the second floor of the Game Side complex in Saleilles in the Pyrénées-Orientales, it is “a technical feat. There are about ten anchor points which allow to transcribe all the movements of the player.

attacker or defender

Games are played between two teams of three or four members. The stage, devoid of the slightest decoration, consists of a labyrinth of more than 230 m2. But once equipped, players feel like they’re in a sci-fi setting. A strategic game, where each team member has a specific avatar. A rather attacking soldier, with a powerful weapon, special vision and bouncing shot, another who can act as a sniper. Also available a defensive profile with shield and charge shot. Unless you choose the doctor who can treat the wounded.

The party movie

The objectives of the game are multiple: it goes from capture the flag (go to the enemy camp and bring the trophy home) to the death match through the parts of “corrupt crown” where the objective is to capture the king . Particularity of this game developed by a company from Montepellier, the players do not have a weapon. They shoot just by opening or closing their hand. Accuracy made possible with sensors placed in the gloves. Each part lasts a little over an hour and is not written in advance. In fact, the adventure depends on your strategy and the opponents’ response. This allows a permanent renewal of the game. “The boundary between virtual reality and classic video games is blurring, notes Leo Carral. Young gamers are big fans of Protocol 223. Especially because there is less violence.”

To play, it will cost you 28 euros per player. An unforgettable and rare experience. There are only two sites that offer this virtual reality game in France: Montpellier and Saleilles. And it is in the Pyrénées-Orientales that the plateau is the most extensive. And once the game is over, before donning the uniform again, you can debrief the game as a team with the film of your exploits available via a link.

Game Side, VR Side, 7 rue de Cerdagne in Saleilles, 04 11 81 50 55, Open daily from 2 p.m. during school holidays.

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Protocol 223, game between laser game and virtual reality, star of VR Game in Saleilles

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