Pokémon: the cult franchise from A to Z

When it comes to Pokémon, you’ve either been keeping up with the games, anime, trading cards, movies, and everything in between, or you’re completely baffled by the Pokémon craze that’s gripping so many. of people. But whatever camp you are on, we suggest you travel back in time, to the very beginning of its history.

Pikachu, Mewtwo, Bulbasaur, Charizard, Squirtle, Charmander… Since the end of the 90s, these little creatures have managed to thrill millions of fans. They marked several generations of children and invaded our consoles, our PCs and our screens. In fact, after its release, Pokémon very quickly became one of the most popular brands in the entertainment world.

It’s a world famous universe. And we have to admit that he still has a bright future ahead of him. But what is the genesis of these monsters of fights? This guide will tell you everything you need to know about this pop culture phenomenon.

A series of role-playing games developed by Game Freak

pokemon is a long series of Japanese role-playing games, developed by Game Freak and published by Nintendo. It spawned a multi-billion dollar media franchise. Furthermore, it indirectly caused the proliferation of Western anime shows in the late 1990s, with Dragon Ball and Sailor Moon. Pokémon or Pocket Monsters was released in Japan in February 1996 on Game Boy.

The idea of ​​the game is catch wild creatures (who cannot speak) and teach them how to fight under the guidance of human trainers, called “trainers”. Over time, they become more powerful. They can then compete for a fight with other teams. The original idea was an artificial form of insect collecting for children in cities (the original creator was an insect collector as a child). Currently, we count just over 1000 species of Pokémon.

The Pokemon universe

Pokémon takes place in the fictional universe of Pokémon. Many regions have appeared in the franchise’s various media outlets. It exists 9 main regions series defined in the games of the main series: Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh/Hisui, Unova, Kalos, Alola, Galar and Paldea.

Each of the nine generations of the series’ main releases focuses on a new region. Each region is made up of several towns and villages. To overcome challenges, the player must explore them.

At different locations in each region, it is possible to meet different types of Pokemon. One can also find useful objects and characters. The first four regions introduced are based on locations in Japan, namely Kantō, Kansai, Kyushu and Hokkaidō. Later regions are based on parts of New York, France, Hawaii, United Kingdom, and the Iberian Peninsula.

The most popular trainers

Throughout the long-running anime series, fans have had the opportunity to meet many trainers. But a few stand out from the rest in their field.

Sasha Ketchum

To get badges, coaches have to put in a lot of effort. And not everyone always makes it to the top. But hard work always ends up paying. Sacha Ketchum is an example of this. With endless hours of practice, travel, and bonding with his Pokémon, especially his beloved PikachuSacha has become the champion pokemon.

Pierre Rochard

Many characters will appear more than once or frequently throughout the anime. These include Pierre Rochard. The latter is one of eight Pokémon trainers in the World Coronation Tournament. Pierre is a formidable adversary. In his team, he has powerful Pokémon such as Metagross and Vacilys.


Roy is the eighth Kickenham Gym Leader and Galar’s second strongest trainer. Most of the creatures in his possession are Dragon-type Pokemon. In his team, we distinguish in particular Dunaconda, Duralugon, Libégon and Muplodocus.


Iris is a Dragon-type Pokémon hunter and trainer. The character has become one of Janusia Gym Leaders in addition to being one of the best coaches of the World Coronation Tournament.


We meet this trainer for the first time in the pokemon diamond and pearl games. It has the advantage of appropriating the status of Sinnoh League Master.


Lance is one of eight best coachesu TWorld Coronation Day. He faced many tough coaches. This trainer doesn’t always win. Nevertheless, its reputation speaks for itself. It has many Pokémon especially the mighty Dragonite.

The different types of Pokemon

There currently exists eighteen types of Pokemon, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. Pokémon types include plant, fire, water, flight, bug, normal, poison, electric, floor, shrink, rock, ice, dragon, ghost, steel, darkness, fight and fairy.

While most Pokémon are one type, some are double or even triple type. For example, the popular Pikachu is Electric type, while the rarer Charizard is Fire/Flying type. A Pokémon’s type determines which moves it can learn and how effective its moves are against other Pokémon.

Therefore, choose the right type of pokemon is essential for any trainer who wishes to succeed in combat.

Pokemon video games

The Pokémon video game series is the cornerstone of the franchise. The games are divided into several generationseach with their own plot and Pokémon cast.

first generation

The first generation, the Red and Blue versions, was released in 1996 on Game Boy. These games introduced the original 151 species of Pokémon (excluding Mew).

Second generation

Red and Blue were followed by the second generation of games, Gold and silverwhich were released in 1999. These games added 100 new species of Pokémon, as well as a new region to explore, Johto.

Third generation

The third generation, Ruby and Sapphire, was released in 2002 on Game Boy Advance. These games introduced 135 new species of Pokémon, as well as a new region to explore, Hoenn.

fourth generation

The fourth generation, Diamond and Pearl, was released in 2006 for the Nintendo DS. These games introduced 107 new types of Pokémon species, as well as a new region to explore, Sinnoh.

fifth generation

The fifth generation, Black and white, was released in 2010 for the Nintendo DS. These games introduced 156 new species of Pokémon (bringing the total to 649), as well as a new region to explore, Unova.

sixth generation

The sixth generation, X and Y, was released in 2013 for the Nintendo DS. These games introduced 72 new species of Pokémon, as well as a new region to explore, Kalos.

Seventh generation

The seventh generation, Sun and Moon, was released in 2016 for the Nintendo DS. These games introduced 81 new species of Pokémon, as well as a new region to explore, Alola.

Eighth generation

The eighth generation Sword and Shield, was released on November 15, 2019 for Nintendo Switch. 80 additional new species and the Galar region are open for exploration in these two games.

Ninth generation

The ninth generation started with Pokemon Scarlet and Purple on November 18, 2022. It includes a new open-world region, three original entries, and new legendaries. Pokémon Scarlet and Violet will have a lot in common with Pokémon Legends Arceus as it continues Pokémon’s transition to a more open-ended RPG adventure.

Pokemon trading card games

Another popular aspect of the franchise is the Pokémon Trading Card Game (TCG). The Pokémon TCG is a collectible card game that was first published in Japan in 1996. The game is based on the Pokémon video games. And players use cards representing various creatures to battle against each other.

The game has since been released internationally and has become one of the most popular collectible card games in the world. In 2019, the Pokémon TCG has sold more than 25 billion cards worldwide. he is also a popular competitive sportwith players from around the world competing in tournaments for prizes.

Pokemon movies

It exists 23 mainstream Pokémon movies released since 1998. These are usually released in Japan during the summer and winter holidays. It’s about autonomous adventures which are unrelated to the plot of the anime series, but there have been a few exceptions. Pokémon movies are well received by fans and have been praised for their thrilling action and beautiful animation.

The Pokemon animated series

In addition to video games and collectible card games, the franchise includes an animated series that follows the adventures of Sacha Ketchum, a young boy who dreams of becoming a Pokémon Master. The anime series was first broadcast in 1997 and is still ongoing, with over 1000 episodes having been released in 2019.

The Pokémon anime series is one of the most popular and beloved anime series of all time. She has been praised for her lovable characters and his exciting adventures.

About Pokemon Go

Pokemon GO is a mobile app game which allows players to find Pokémon. The game takes place in ” augmented reality » (meaning the game combines real action with virtual play) using GPS as you walk around different locations to find the Pokemon. The game caused an overnight sensation with millions of players worldwide.

Pokémon Go has been downloaded millions of times. Moreover, it tops the app charts in all the countries where it has been released. Its popularity is largely due to the fact that this is the first time Pokémon has been available to play on a mobile device. This means you don’t need a specific console to play it.

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Pokémon: the cult franchise from A to Z

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