PlayStation VR 2: Sony’s next virtual reality headset will not be backward compatible with PSVR games!

It’s a very busy week drawing to a close in the gaming world, marked by the Tokyo Game Show 2022but also by a State of Play or even the publication on the Web of the first media notices concerning the PlayStation VR 2 of sony. virtual reality headset expected early 2023 is most promising, as evidenced by the reaction of our editor-in-chief Martial who was able to try it on Resident Evil Village. Everything was going well in the best of all worlds until reality caught up with us. It’s during the weekly episode of Playstation Podcast (around 29:10) that the words of SVP of Platform ExperienceHideaki Nishino, have been reported, explaining the following: “PlayStation VR games are not compatible with PlayStation VR 2, as PlayStation VR 2 is designed to be a true next-generation virtual reality experience. »

Big blow for players who hoped to take advantage of a well-stocked toy library over the years with the games PSVR. He went on to explain this:

The PlayStation VR2 has much more advanced features like a brand new controller with haptic feedback and adaptive triggers as I said and upside-down tracking, 3D audio that comes with it, 4K HDR well sure… so this means making games for PlayStation VR2 requires a totally different approach than the original PlayStation VR. These features actually allow developers to create more striking and vivid worlds, and bring players closer to the experience than ever before. I believe it.

Of course, besides its much more modern design, the PSVR 2 embeds technologies that are very different from its predecessor just for the management of tracking movements in space, making it difficult to natively compatible with the productions of its predecessor. This does not prevent that it will be difficult to pass the pill. Being forced to keep or even get a helmet that has had its day, the installation of which is very laborious with its multitude of cables, to enjoy the games VR of the PS4 has something to cringe and poses an additional barrier to the democratization of this mode of entertainment.

Although we do not yet know its price, the PlayStation VR 2 should not be given, so having only a few games to eat when it comes out may put off more than one. Fortunately, EIS can count on Horizon Call of the Mountain, RE8 as mentioned above, Firewall Ultra or Demeo and Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge Enhanced Edition announced this week, but will that be enough to convince a large audience?

Now the ball is in the court of sony. Let’s hope why not that patches are possible to allow players to find their library on the PSVR 2. Pending further details, the Playstation-VR is always for sale on Amazon from €262.35.

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PlayStation VR 2: Sony’s next virtual reality headset will not be backward compatible with PSVR games!

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