Pi Launcher: an alternative and customizable Quest game launcher!

In the small world of virtual reality, independent developers seek to make your life more pleasant. Like the Quest Games Optimizerwhich makes your games more beautiful and crisp, the Pi Launcher compensates for the shortcomings of the application launcher of Meta Quest.

Available for free at Side Quest in version 0.3.3, the Pi Launcher presents itself as a useful, customizable and pleasant to use application launcher. This tool, developed by the YouTuber Luboš V has many advantages.

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But before looking at the list of possibilities offered, let’s take stock of what’s wrong with the app launcherOculus Home. Its major flaw is his lack of organization. Indeed, we find in one and the same page our applications, arranged in disorder. Of course, a search bar is available, as are filters to sort alphabetically and by launch date for each of your applications. Only, as long as you have selected the right view, your games are next to those installed, uninstalled or that you no longer want to see, such as demos, etc. Let’s not talk about third-party apps that are only available in the view Unknown Sources. Despite all these efforts on the part of Metausers are unanimous, it’s often a mess.

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This is where the Pi Launcher enters the scene. The tool offers many possibilities and customizations in order to create your own games and apps launcher. Let’s take a look at these:

  • Rename applications;
  • Group them by categories;
  • Drag and drop;
  • Hide applications or groups;
  • Display or not the name of applications;
  • Access application information;
  • Choose the icon size;
  • Customize launcher wallpaper;
  • Access hidden Android system settings;
  • Display of third-party applications (Unknown Sources) as normal applications;
  • Disable the Explore app;
  • Open the Pi Launcher by clicking on the Explore app.

However, some things need to be clarified for this last point. First of all, developer will offer to enable android system accessibility permissionthe same one that is used on HQ, in order to detect the opening of applications. Second, to detect that it is indeed the application Explore who launches, your headset’s system language will need to be English (US).

Daily, the launcher is pleasant and intuitive to use. The simple fact of being able to organize our applications by categories is a game-changer and a lot of air in our space. The customization of the display is also welcome, when others will also appreciate the tool’s ability to open the famous hidden system settings.

We wish to say thanks to the author of this write-up for this incredible web content

Pi Launcher: an alternative and customizable Quest game launcher!

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