Pamiers. We tested for you … the virtual escape game on Christmas

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At La Cavalerie, Loisirs d’Oc is the only company in Ariège to offer an escape game in augmented virtual reality. Several universes are available. We chose the “Christmas” game to stick to the news. We didn’t regret it.

It’s an incredibly immersive experience. And unprecedented in Ariège. While the end-of-year celebrations are in full swing in downtown Pamiers, we tested the Christmas-themed augmented reality virtual escape game for you. This new generation game can be played in the Oc* Leisure area, at La Cavalerie, for up to four players. That day, we are four adults still moved by a child’s soul. As soon as we arrive, Sandrine and Franck Esteban paint a picture of what awaits us. “We can play alone but it is more interesting to be several because it creates synergy. And the solving of puzzles is faster. You will see each other and you will be able to communicate”, explains the couple who launched their business l ‘last summer. Communicate, to The Dispatch, it knows us. But in a virtual world, we are less clever.

Stunning details of realism

Then starts the equipment. At the back of the Loisirs d’Oc games room, there are four futuristic installations. Once mounted on the board, the player is strapped. This allows a certain freedom of movement in complete safety. Impossible to fall during the game. It’s time to put on the augmented virtual reality headset. This time, the sounds of real life are starting to get muffled. We grab the joysticks that will allow us to evolve and the immersion can begin. With its shimmering colors and certain senses that go to sleep, the universe of the tutorial, which allows you to learn the commands, can disturb down-to-earth minds for a few seconds. But the desire to do battle with the goblins takes over.

In this game called “Christmas”, these little scoundrels have stolen Santa’s gifts and are charging good souls like ours to get their hands on them. From the first table, we discern all the talent of the editor Arvi to immerse the players in a magical and enchanted world. By turning around in all directions, we can discern breathtaking decorative details. Those who were still simple work colleagues a few minutes ago find themselves with reindeer heads and outfits in Christmas colors. But no time to go sightseeing, we have puzzles to solve. Understand what the magic wand is for, how you can reach the starry sky from the fireplace or find the list of gifts for all those little children who are waiting to be spoiled by the most famous bearded man. To move, you teleport using the joystick you hold in your hand. Obviously, the youngest of our colleagues is taking a liking to it. He is 20 years old, a fan of video games and the generational difference that exists between us becomes obvious. No matter, the girls, they work their brains at full blast.

We talk, we help each other, we laugh a lot. And little by little, we come to the end of the challenges that the virtual rooms of Santa’s house have in store for us. Until boarding his sleigh pulled by lifelike reindeer. And off we go for a glide in the middle of a starry sky. You can even see the aurora borealis. This sequence is just stunningly realistic. It’s time to land. It is then necessary to readapt to reality, a moment which again can disturb a few seconds. But what fun!

“We had to communicate to get there, it’s great for team cohesion!” Gets carried away by a colleague. “It’s ultra-immersive: when I took off my helmet, I wanted to teleport to walk,” laughs the youngest. The only downside is the price: €35 per person, it can be complicated for members of the same family. State-of-the-art equipment comes at a cost. There are also many other universes than that of “Christmas” to discover alone or with others. And to live such an experience, it’s worth it.

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Pamiers. We tested for you … the virtual escape game on Christmas

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