Oculus Meta Quest Pro: the most successful virtual reality headset is available for sale

The company Meta relies heavily on virtual reality. The proof is with its new headset, the Oculus Meta Quest Pro, which is one of the most complete you can find today. It is already available for sale at Boulanger.

It was in early October that Meta (formerly Facebook) unveiled and released the Oculus Meta Quest Pro, a hormone-boosted version of its popular virtual reality headset. A technically very impressive product, obviously designed to wander around the various “metaverse”, but also to play the latest video games of the moment.

It must be said that the qualifier Pro associated with its name is not stolen. This new iteration is indeed fine-tuning the formula of the excellent Meta Quest 2 in order to offer a virtual reality experience as we rarely see. From there to making it one of the best VR headsets on the market for all uses?

Design and data sheet: significant advances compared to the Oculus Meta Quest 2

With its Oculus Meta Quest 2, Meta had struck a blow in the small world of virtual reality headsets. It must be said that this device (whose quality we praised), still offers today one of the best experiences in this field, at an extremely attractive price.

It is on this solid foundation that Meta has built its new VR headset. Whether in terms of design, comfort, functionality or technical data sheet, the Meta Quest Pro surpasses its predecessor in order to offer what comes close to the ultimate VR experience. It is enough to look at the specificities of the helmet to discover that Meta has not skimped on the means.

At the display level, the Oculus Meta Quest Pro can count on two IPS LCD screens in 1800 by 1920 pixels, with a refresh rate of 90 Hz to ensure the fluidity of the content broadcast. The overall quality of the display has also been improved to provide a sharp and precise image. It’s all driven by a Snapdragon XR2-Plus that works wonders for VR and mixed reality. A storage of 256 GB and 12 GB of RAM complete this solid technical sheet.

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The new lenses of the Oculus Meta Quest Pro offer a quality display // Source: Meta

To accompany this technical upgrade, Meta has also extensively reworked the design of its helmet for more comfort, including if you wear glasses. We particularly welcome the possibility of adjusting the spacing of the lenses in the helmet to adapt to the spacing of the eyes of the user. Another important point, the Oculus Meta Quest Pro has a wide field of vision, which allows it not to neglect peripheral vision.

Oculus Meta Quest Pro: experience virtual reality like never before

With its Quest Pro, Meta intends to offer one of the best existing virtual reality experiences, in all areas. Understand by this that this helmet is not solely intended for gaming, but that it was also thought from the start as a work or creation tool to be used on a daily basis. To do this, Meta has bet on a plethora of sensors in order to offer a system of tracking precise and efficient.

With five sensors inside the helmet, and five more outside, as well as cameras posted on the controllers, the Oculus Meta Quest Pro has plenty to do. It is thus able to follow the slightest of your gestures or your movements, including the most subtle.

Among its most impressive feats is the ability to track the user’s eye movements to adjust the display in real time. Or the transcription of facial expressions on your avatar when you are in conversation in the metaverse or in a VR chat room.

1669895743 787 Oculus Meta Quest Pro the most successful virtual reality headset
The Meta Quest Pro offers finer controls thanks to its joysticks and sensors // Source: Meta

A lot of work has also been done on the Meta Quest Pro controllers, the Meta Quest Touch. Haptic sensors at the trigger and thumb provide a more realistic feel. The cameras positioned on each controller also allow very precise movement recognition, allowing, among other things, to draw or write.

Virtual or mixed reality, discover the full range of possibilities

The main advantage of this Oculus Meta Quest Pro, in addition to its impressive technical data sheet, lies in its versatility. With this helmet, Meta provides us with a comfortable product whatever the use we want to make of it, relying on all the arsenal offered by virtual reality and its derivatives.

  • Virtual reality : in a fairly classic way, the Meta Quest Pro provides easy access to the vast majority of VR experiences on the market. Thanks to its excellent screens, it offers an unparalleled experience, with clear and precise images, fluid, for a deeper immersion than normal. This headset is also perfectly suited to exploring the metaverse, or working in fully virtual spaces thanks to its facial recognition technology or the precision of its controllers.
1669895744 494 Oculus Meta Quest Pro the most successful virtual reality headset
To play or work, the Meta Quest Pro offers new perspectives // Source: Meta
  • Reality mixed : this technology — the equivalent for VR headsets of augmented reality on smartphones — makes it possible to mix real and virtual displays in the headset. A good way to enrich, for example, your work environment with a virtual office which is superimposed on your existing installation. Meta has also forged numerous partnerships with companies such as Adobe, Autodesk and Windows to create enhanced applications for Meta Quest Pro.

In short, Meta puts with this Quest Pro an extremely powerful tool capable of modifying the uses of virtual reality in our daily life.

Discover the Oculus Meta Quest Pro at 1,799 euros at Boulanger

If you want to enjoy a premium virtual reality experience (and much more), the Oculus Meta Quest Pro is undoubtedly the headset for you. It is available in a pack that includes everything you need to exploit its full potential. In addition to the helmet itself, you will benefit from:

  • two Meta Quest Touch Pro controllers and their straps;
  • two tips to transform the joysticks into styluses;
  • a charging station and all the cables needed to charge the headset and controllers;
  • blackout rings to close the sides of the helmet and enjoy increased immersion;
  • a protective cover and a cleaning cloth.
1669895745 291 Oculus Meta Quest Pro the most successful virtual reality headset
The contents of the Oculus Meta Quest Pro box // Source: Meta

An experience that has a cost, however, since this helmet is sold for 1,799 euros at Boulanger.

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Oculus Meta Quest Pro: the most successful virtual reality headset is available for sale

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