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NIMES With LiVR R2B will put new technologies at our
In the stands of the arenas of Nîmes, with Hadrian’s Wall and a Roman camp in the background (Photo Anthony Maurin Archives).

LiVR will be an application dedicated to spectators, but also to entertainment professionals. The ambition is to release the application before the end of the public service delegation which sees Edeis at the helm of the Roman monuments of Nîmes. Romain Bilowus, CEO of R2B, talks about this novelty.

Nîmes could be used for experimentation but in this sector, error is impossible so the application must be perfect before being put into service. In any case, the Middle East is already looking forward to it! ” This is an offer that we have been implementing for a year and it is a real innovation in our sector of activity. We are working on an application that will translate into three service offers. The first is a live show streaming solution. From home, by the Livr ticket, as on Netflix, you will have access to shows via a ticket office. You will have access to camera points and each point will have the exact sound of the chosen location, as if you were there. As if you were a spectator there. Let’s imagine, in Nîmes, a show on Romanity… It must interest people internationally, right? We open up to the whole world, not just to the face-to-face public, possibilities are enormous. »

But you will understand, Livr works on three bases. The other two pillars are augmented reality and virtual reality. ” When you arrive at the place of the show you are going to attend, augmented reality will bring you additional effects. Take arenas, if you’re sitting down and we’re attacking Hadrian’s Wall, you might be able to see ballistae working for real through your phone. But it doesn’t have to be a toy! It is reserved for spectators and the objective is to reflect in order to have additional effects, at certain times, with a notification on the program or on the telephone. We can also imagine seeing the backstage live when we are waiting for the start of the show or many other things such as content on the site, on the region… It will be very fun. »

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The R2B production team for the Nîmes operations (Photo Jean-Claude Azria).

Regarding virtual reality, I might as well tell you that the two years of work carried out with Jean-Michel Jarre for the Ministry of Culture and the city of Paris when he performed at the heart of Notre-Dame have been very useful. ” We are working on the creation of virtual worlds. We are going to make the monuments accessible to artists around the world so that they can perform there remotely. There, we speak especially for the ancient theater of Orange. The CNRS has reconstructed the theater as it was 2,000 years ago, with the acoustics of the time and the decor of the time. If the artist who will perform in virtual reality comes to the theater to compare the acoustics, he will see how much has changed since then. »

Thanks to the Parisian show provided by Jean-Michel Jarre at Notre-Dame and produced by R2B, everyone has understood that this kind of progress is essential in a globalizing world. ” All the major capitals had canceled, Paris asked us to think about a format and everyone was happy. After the horrific images of the fire that ravaged it, we wanted to see again the image of Épinal that is Notre-Dame. We had to work on it in virtual reality to make it a place that welcomes the cutting edge of technology. Jean-Michel Jarre had sensors on him, his avatar playing in the heart of Notre-Dame in real time. Where the Americans record everything, we did everything live with all the challenges of live! 75 million viewers, anyway, we did not expect it. We have seen Chinese talking with Chileans or Tunisians about what they were seeing when they were thousands of kilometers away. The Technology can create convergences, you just have to find the right uses to appropriate it. »

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NÎMES With LiVR, R2B will put new technologies at our service – Objectif Gard

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