New workshops at the Silo digital hub, in Verneuil-d’Avre-et-d’Iton

At the start of 2023, new activities are offered at the Silo’s digital hub. Among them, virtual reality headsets or 3D printers.

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the digital center of the Silo offers new workshops at the beginning of the year. If internships already exist, it is now possible to benefit from individual support to acquire digital skills or simply learn how to carry out an online process.

Two virtual reality games

Another novelty, Cyberspace has just acquired new virtual reality gaming headsets. According to Julien Guillard, adviser to the digital division, “This allows players to dive straight into the heart of the video game and interact with it in an immersive way. It can be a very entertaining or sometimes scary experience, especially when the game is well designed and has good visual quality. » For this first, two games and two atmospheres are to be discovered: one with zombies and mutant creatures (forbidden to those under 18), and a second more accessible, based on rhythm and action. “But it can also be quieter!, says Julian. The Silo also offers group puzzle-solving games or discovering the world via Google Earth. »

3D printers

And the last novelty for this first quarter of 2023: a 3D printing discovery workshop. Qualified as an industrial revolution, this technique upsets the fields of medical research and aerospace. But it can also be used for leisure and domestic use: “We can print almost everything in 3D, utility objects such as spare parts, tools or decorative objects, jewelry or even materials for specific use such as metals, ceramics or polymers”, continues Julien, who specifies that “The limits of 3D printing depend on the technology used. While printers for industrial or research use can cost several thousand euros, those for the general public can be purchased from a few hundred euros and are easy to use, even for beginners”.

3D printing discovery evening: Friday January 20 from 7 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. Solo digital support: Thursdays January 19, 26 and February 2 from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. Virtual reality: Saturday January 28 and February 25 from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. IT courses: Mondays 16, 23 and 30 January and 6 February from 2 p.m. to 3.30 p.m.

Mandatory reservation. Information 02 32 32 36 31, on Facebook or on the website

Video. Demography. In Normandy, there are fewer and fewer people:

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New workshops at the Silo digital hub, in Verneuil-d’Avre-et-d’Iton

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