Metaverse will transform tourism, says Amadeus –

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On his blog, Amadeus explains what the Metaverse is and how it will change the way people travel in the future.

“The truth is that the Metaverse has been around for a few years already. But now that there is more investment from other industries in this sector, its possibilities will undoubtedly expand. », explains Diego Heredia, Head of Corporate Strategic Projects at Amadeus, in a blog post dedicated to the potential of the metaverse in tourism. According to him, the metaverse could lead to a reorganization of the Internet and social networks, shaking up established players and influencing our society in different ways: the way we socialize, the way we shop, the way we work and we collaborate.

It is already a reality for many gamers. For example, the game World of Warcraft is a persistent virtual world in which players can buy and sell goods between two parties. Virtual concerts have also taken place in the Fortnite game. But it will take time for brands and users to appropriate these virtual worlds and find relevant uses. “Much like the internet’s teenage years in the 90s, the metaverse may take some time to take shape, but its key features are already here. writes Diego Heredia. Its democratization could occur between 2026 and 2030, when virtual reality and augmented reality headsets will be more accessible.

The potential of the metaverse in tourism

For the Head of Corporate Strategic Projects at Amadeus, the metaverse could complement, replace and/or open up new ways to enjoy the travel experience. In the short term, it may be interesting to inspire consumers through virtual tours.

As advancements, including graphics, emerge, it will be possible to offer immersive experiences within the metaverse. “Perhaps a real trip to Egypt could be accompanied by a virtual trip back in time to the height of ancient Egyptian civilization? Or why not book a trip to the moon? », he wonders.

Eventually, the metaverse could become a new distribution channel offering physical or mixed travel, with more personalized inspiration and research levers, thanks to real-time information and enriched data. “Travel agents could interact in real time with potential travelers in the metaverse and have direct access to their feedback: like the captain at the helm of a ship, they could take travelers to different cities or destinations at that time. accurate, to inspire them to plan and book the whole real-life journey in the metaverse. », illustrates Diego Heredia.

While we can’t predict how and when the metaverse will evolve, Amadeus says that “Given its enormous economic potential, doing nothing seems like a risky choice. “.

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Metaverse will transform tourism, says Amadeus –

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