“Metaverse isn’t a dirty word and doesn’t have to be expensive” (Kevin Soler, Virteem)

The activity of the SME established in Sophia-Antipolis, when it was born, was immersive. A world with multiple capacities, as explained by its leader, Kevin Soler. ” We have always been considered a virtual tour company. Except that we had several differentiations, in particular we were already doing metaverse, except that at the time the word did not exist. So it has developed recently. So we do everything that is immersive environment, metaverse and virtual reality “.

The metaverse, which is becoming a subject of interest for the economic world. ” The idea of ​​the metaverse is to have an environment where we bring together a community that will be able to communicate in 360° “.

Various stakes and verticals

This is enough to attract a wide variety of sectors, which see particular interests in it, interests that are also complementary. Thus, the health crisis has created an appetite for the HR sector, but retail, industry, tourism, education and in particular large schools also find in this Web3 technology a communication axis that opens up new perspectives.

There are major recruitment issues in companies, training and onboarding of new employees. We also work in retail to create virtual showrooms, in which we will be able to test and buy products. And schools have a solution for their open days “.

And in terms of HR issues, “ there are several issues “, emphasizes Kevin Soler. In particular that of the desire to develop or redevelop certain businesses, such as banking businesses. ” Some professions are shunned, such as banking professions for example. This is a way to make unknown trades known “.

If several sectors are watching the metaverse with great interest, if Virtemm itself is still a little less present in the retail segment, it is essential for Kevin Soler to know how to select “ depending on the needs. When you run an SME it is complicated to be in several sectors at the same time. We have therefore really chosen to select the segments that we address, and this, according to the needs of our 3,600 customers. “.

On the issue of training (where much remains to be done)

A nugget of the technology park considered as the No. 1 in Europe, does Virteem benefit from the ecosystem of Sophia-Antipolis? “It’s good for the quality of life, we can tan more easily, we have the possibility of recruiting engineers, more easily”, underlines Kevin Soler. But “there is still a certain amount of progress to be made, particularly in terms of travel, to better serve the main roads or to be able to move easily within the technology park. And a better internet connection.

And who says recruitment, says training and provision of suitable profiles. Training, a new vertical for Virteem? ” I also have a role within an association, Blockchain Innov, where the objective is precisely to promote web3.0 – blockchain, cryptocurrencies… – and schools have already come to us to ask us to provide them with materials to train students. Because these are the jobs of tomorrow “.

New professions which, inevitably, modify the way of recruiting. ” We currently have more than ten recruitments in progress and we recruit more on CVs, since these are new professions, where we no longer have training on which to base ourselves. “.

International potential

If we often make the analogy between sport and business, it is not the former six-time world champion of street workout who will say the opposite. ” I am a competitor, at home we talk a lot about surpassing oneself and performance “, supports Kevin Soler, who shares his passion for sport with his collaborators, going so far as to coach those who wish, during the lunch break.

Evoking the metaverse necessarily brings to mind an international vision. Is Virteem ready to duplicate? ” We are in fact planning to raise funds next year to seek American markets. The demand is there, we know that. On the other hand, we are not staffed accordingly, this is what the planned round table will be used for. “, announces Kevin Soler. ” I’m partnerless, we haven’t raised any funds yet, we’re totally bootstrapped (self-financing Editor’s note). We have been profitable since year 1 “. And Kevin Soler to insist: “ metaverse isn’t a dirty word and doesn’t have to be expensive “. This creates an attraction effect on the part of large groups, of course, but also of SMEs. “We are at the advent of what the web was in the 2000s. The question is not whether we are going there or not, but what is the strategy in the 5 years, in the next ten years “.

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