Metavers, video games… Nice wants to become the territory of the sectors of the future

In a few months, they will be designer developers specializing in immersive technologies, such as virtual, augmented and mixed reality, and metaverses. On Monday, around twenty students joined the Meta Academy, the group that brings together Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram, in Nice. The American company, created by Mark Zuckerberg, chose the capital of the French Riviera, in addition to Marseilles and soon Paris and Lyon, to set up and train these students in “emerging professions”. This is also the case of Isart Digitial, “the pioneering school for video game professions”. A month ago, it opened a new campus named “Game Business School”, focusing on marketing around video games.

For the French Agency for the video game, these choices of the Côte d’Azur correspond to “opportunities” which have been formed thanks to “the creation of a digital ecosystem” by the city for a few years. The general manager, Emmanuel Forsans, develops: “In my opinion, there is a desire to position ourselves to be the first in this territory where few structures existed before”.

“Nice must be an anti-model”

This is the strategy of, this social and solidarity company which allows inclusion in the field for everyone and which jointly opens with Meta this metaverse academy in Nice. Alexandre Chervet, the regional manager, explains: “Here, there is a pool of audiences just waiting to be trained. But there is also a huge business need. It is estimated between 5,000 and 10,000 the lack of digital workforce in the territory. The local strategy was then to give itself the means to accommodate large companies such as digital start-ups through the infrastructures and the entire ecosystem that surrounds it. »

With the exception of Sophia Antipolis, the Côte d’Azur was not recognized as a place for new technologies. For the representative of, Nice has the advantage of “being in the future right up to the ecological transition with structures more suited to the challenges of tomorrow”. “Nice must be an anti-model of Sophia Antipolis,” he continues. The Riviera capital, this sleeping beauty, is now wide awake. Many of us have recently set up shop, in ten or fifteen years, Nice will be the stronghold in the field. »

He insists on the role of city policy: “When we create infrastructure designed to accommodate schools and businesses, the schools and businesses come. But betting on the professions of the future does not necessarily mean erasing the Nice identity. Alexandre Chervet continues: “These are new activities that are being created but it is not necessary to change one’s skills, continues the regional manager. This kind of training adds value to real wealth. They are additional assets for the territory, not a replacement. »

“An exceptional playground”

On the side of Isart Digital, we go even further. The school’s director and founder, Xavier Rousselle, believes that the Nice eco-valley is largely in competition with the “Silicon Valley”. “We changed our international policy for Nice,” he says. Originally, after the school’s second campus in Montreal, we thought we would continue this momentum. But we saw a real interest in the city, there was a void to fill and an exceptional playground. »

For this enthusiast, the capital of the Côte d’Azur also provides “an environment conducive to creativity” and transmits “emotion, colors and history”. “It’s essential for these young people who have a taste for beauty and a creative eye,” he adds.

The Game business school will then train 400 young people by promotion around the marketing of video games and in correlation with the Paris site with “real projects in progress”.

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Metavers, video games… Nice wants to become the territory of the sectors of the future

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