Metavers: a virtual party organized by the European Union is an incredible flop

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It’s always a bit sad when you throw a party and no guests come. It’s even sadder when the party in question cost €387,000. The European Union wanted to innovate and interest young people in its projects by creating a virtual space in the metaverse. She didn’t exactly get the expected result.

Here I am, at the ‘gala’ concert organized in the metaverse for €387,000 by the EU’s External Aid Service. After some initial puzzled discussions with the other five humans who showed up, I’m on my own », says a journalist, Vince Chadwick, who went to this famous virtual party. He works for the media Devexwhich covers news from the development sector and NGOs.

The objective of the event was to communicate on an investment plan entitled “Global Gateway”. This is a program with a budget of 300 billion euros, aimed at “ develop smart, clean and safe links in digital, energy and transport and to strengthen health, education and research systems worldwide “, Explain the website of the European Commission.


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The latter seeks in particular to reach a younger audience, 18-35 year olds. who identify as neutral about the EU and are not particularly engaged in political issues “, according an email from a spokesperson sent to Devex. ” Are you ready to party? One last chance to celebrate together in the Global Gateway and enjoy the wonders of this digital space “, could we therefore read on the page announcing the event, which advertised a “24-hour beach party.” To support this desire, the European Commission has not skimped on the budget, investing several hundred thousand euros.

A virtual universe to explore a policy

To be exact, this sum covered the entire campaign carried out for the metaverse, and not just the “gala”. This money did not go to Meta, known for building many spaces currently in the metaverse, but to Media Consulta GMBH. This company has itself subcontracted to Journee, a company specializing in the construction of digital spaces.

The idea was to explore what the Global Gateway project covers in a fun way, in “ a dedicated metaverse where one can explore what the global gateway means through a series of ‘hero’ stories in a virtual environment “. The space is still accessible at the present time at this addressand we took a little trip there.

To enter, simply register under a name or pseudonym. It is then possible to evolve in this virtual space in the form of a kind of strange colored trombone, and to walk on a surreal tropical island. Virtual screens, placed almost everywhere in the decor, broadcast documentaries and explanations on the missions of the European development policy. A click on a map, and you can teleport to various places, including the famous “party” on the beach, where music is streamed. Even today, there was no crowd. By walking around randomly, it is also possible to enjoy virtual and interactive artistic installations.

If this form of promotion is rather original, it unfortunately did not meet its audience, since very few people gathered on the platform on the occasion of this great “party”. Even today, when we are testing the platform, few people are visiting it. The fault may be a certain lack of fluidity in navigation. The simple fact of moving around in this virtual environment seems to require a lot of network resources, at least for the computer version that we were able to test.

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Metavers: a virtual party organized by the European Union is an incredible flop

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