Meta wants to go even further in virtual reality with this major turning point

News JVTech Meta wants to go even further in virtual reality with this major turning point

Meta, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram, has already set foot in the field of virtual reality in 2014 with the acquisition of Oculus technology. But why stop on such a good path? Meta wants to go further with a takeover that marks a turning point in this area.

Mark Zuckerberg’s company is looking even more to invest in the technologies of the future. After Oculus, Meta acquires the Belgian-Dutch group Luxexcel, which specializes in smart glasses.

The operation was confirmed on December 30, 2022, just to celebrate the new year in due form. Meta continues its long journey in virtual/augmented reality, and we can notably talk about the Horizon Worlds project on which Meta places many marbles.

But for the moment, it is Luxexcel that interests Meta, since the company offers very good technologies for connected glasses and it is easy to imagine that this new team will integrate the many others specialized in this field, such as the Oculus group, or more recently Within. , a virtual fitness company.

Meta has been in a “big wave buyout” operation for a few years, with the goal of supporting the next empire that Zuckerberg wants to build. After social networks (Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram), Meta sees even bigger. And for once, the Oculus Quest 2 has won the hearts of players but also developers, in particular thanks to its much more affordable price than the competition allowing many people to equip themselves easily. Despite complications due to the connection requiring the creation of a Facebook account, the Quest 2 is today a reference in the field.

Meta therefore hit the nail on the head by selecting this company, which was nonetheless launched by John Carmack, the father of 3D in video games (Doom, Wolfenstein). But above all, Zuckerberg knows how to make his buyouts profitable, despite a somewhat difficult launch for the Horizon Worlds metaverse.

Of course, Meta is looking to the future and this takeover is a great proof of that. Meta learns from its mistakes and intends to improve their Metaverse, especially on the possibilities of activities available in this experience.

Remember, feedback has gone around social networks, especially on the sometimes questionable design of avatars, but also on the quality of service as such. We may therefore soon hear news about the future of Horizon Worlds and this acquisition of Luxexcel will necessarily have something to do with it.

Meta has already had the opportunity to collaborate with the company Luxexcel for the Aria project, a work on augmented reality. This company created in 2009 already has the wind in its sails, in particular thanks to its work of 3D printing of its models. The company also develops smart lenses, quite similar to those found in some science fiction films.

Suffice to say that Meta was right, and we hope for them, a good investment for their future projects.

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Meta wants to go even further in virtual reality with this major turning point

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