Meta says “goodbye” to Made in China

News JVTech Meta says “goodbye” to Made in China

The “Made in China” label is affixed to a large majority of our products. Many companies relocate their production to South Asian countries, often for economic reasons as you can imagine. Facebook’s parent company has therefore made a good decision for 2023, by completely emancipating itself from China.

Meta, the parent company of Facebook or even Instagram now has subsidiaries specializing in other areas. In 2014, Meta bought the Oculus company, and in the years that followed launched the Oculus Quest 2, still known as a benchmark in the world of virtual reality.

Indeed, the virtual reality headset is still the cheapest on the market compared to the quality it offers. The Meta Quest 2 can be used both connected with a computer, but also independently, which further encourages users to checkout.

Meta does not stop there since we recently learned that the company has bought the Belgian-Dutch company Luxexcel, which specializes in connected glasses. Meta still has work to do even if the Oculus is already well established on the market, since the company’s bet: it’s the Metaverse!

So of course, for that, you have to be able to sell the maximum product, in this case, virtual reality headsets. Meta therefore told the Washington Post that currently Meta’s consumer electronics hardware is made in China, but the company is in discussions to produce their hardware in other countries.

The company was planning to relocate its production to Taiwan, but the particular circumstances of the country clearly do not allow Meta to project itself on this territory. The firm still continues to work on accessories for virtual reality and augmented reality, but that these would not be produced in China.

But then, why absolutely avoid manufacturing its products in China? The answer is simple, Meta wants to avoid the mention “Made in China”, which hurts investors who absolutely want to avoid being attached to China.

Made in China is out of fashion

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta, has already spoken on the subject, and really intends to oppose Chinese hegemony over all the production of electronic products.

Of course, Meta is not the only company behind this initiative, Apple also wants to produce 30% of its iPhones outside of China, to export their production to India, Vietnam or even Brazil. The ultimate goal for Apple is to completely produce their iPhone, Apple Watch and AirPods outside of Chinese territory. The same goes for MacBooks, which are expected to be produced in Vietnam.

Meta also takes this path so as not to get stuck with the Made in China label which frightens investors so much. The company intends to formalize its departure from Chinese territory by the end of 2023. A veritable exodus of high-tech manufacturers that leaves the field open to Chinese companies, which are taking up more and more space in this area.

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Meta says “goodbye” to Made in China

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